Billie Eilish’s Concept Album

Billie EIlish’s new album, “Happier Than Ever,” is a concept album that will be released on July 20th. This album reflects where she is now in her quest to improve her mental health.

“I do like it being a concept album because it expresses a deeper story and message through art rather than it just being a collection of random, unrelated songs,” Carli Semple, a fan of Billie Eilish said. 

“The idea of the album being a concept album speaks to me. In my opinion, some artists have trouble sticking to their albums theme; there are always a few songs that feel out of place. However I am confident that Billie will execute this album in a way that can be appreciated by everyone,” Amaya Dhanraj, a fan of Billie Eilish said. 

Many people believe that her latest album will be her best yet, and that it will just be another one of her works of art that they love.

“I feel emotions of anticipation and excitement. The album to me means the process of becoming happy, hence her solemn emotion on the cover art juxtaposed with the lighthearted title,“ Carli Semple said.

“I am excited for this album and I feel as though it will touch base on what Billie has dealt with in her adolescent years. Although it is titled “Happier Than Ever” I’m not sure if Billie is actually happy, it may be a call for help. On her Apple Music album cover, we can see a single tear dropping from her eyes and fading away. Billie’s difficulties to get to this point of “Happier Than Ever” might also be outlined throughout the album,” Amaya Dhanraj said. 

Billie Eilish has had a significant influence on many young people, especially those between the ages of 15 and 25 . Billie Eilish’s new song Your Control, which was released on April 29th, 2021, tackles the delicate subject of being in a relationship with an adult when under the age of 18 and feeling as though she has lost her sense of power. Some believe she handled the situation as best she could, while others believe she could have handled it better.

 “Billie did an excellent job of describing her situation without romanticizing it because she emphasizes the importance of not exploiting one’s power rather than the feelings she personally felt when in an inappropriate relationship,” Carli Semple said.

“Billie should never have been in that relationship in the first place, and even if she couldn’t see it [due to her age], one of the many adults in her life should have intervened, given her counsel, or done something other than stand by and watch as she was groomed in that relationship,” Amaya Dhanraj said. 

Billie Eilish has inspired many young adults with her work. She has been known to tackle mental health issues and be very vocal about her struggles. Many people say she has saved their lives with her music and honesty. 

“Her music has taught me that it’s okay to be sad and to experience these natural emotions. Billie’s campaign to normalize teenagers sharing such perplexing feelings is long overdue, and I’m glad she’s doing it through music, which is a universal medium,” Carli Semple said.

“Billie’s music has had a huge influence on me. Her music has been on my playlists since I was in middle school. It’s incredible to have an artist who is so well-known in the media, who is close in age, has shared many similar experiences, and can produce expressive art. Her music is comforting to many because many of her songs correspond to the various feelings you may be experiencing on any given day,” Amaya Dhanraj said. 

Billie Eilish’s album “Happier Than Ever” will undoubtedly be a fantastic and inspirational work of art. We’ll just be waiting for it to come out. The 20th of July can’t arrive fast enough!

Maame Obeng

I was named Maame Obeng, my name means caring and nurturing. I have been on this earth for 17 years and am now a 12th grade Journalism student at Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. I have faced many trials and tribulations but I am on the path of healing. Running track is one of my hobbies, when I run all my worries disappear for a moment. Poetry is one of my passions, I write to release my emotions and hope to one day write my own book. I am a firm believer in let it hurt then let it go.