Behind Her Eyes: Is This Netflix Show Worth The Watch?

Netflix is continuously releasing new movies and new shows. “Behind Her Eyes” was released on February 17th, 2021. It’s a psychological thriller show about a man, his wife, and his mistress. After watching the trailer for the first time, I wondered about the characters and wanted to understand them more. 

“I am expecting the first episode of “Behind Her Eyes” to be about the different perspectives of different things from different people. Basically, how things are seen from them,” Nirzana Rasul said.

“I am expecting the first episode to be about a girl who faces a bad situation and everything happens, “behind her eyes.”. In other words, things happen without her knowing,” Aasiyah Majidi said.

The trailer shows three main characters that all seem to be hiding something. There are parts in the trailer that I feel you have to watch from the show itself to understand. Some people judge a show based on its first episode. As a result, everyone’s bound to have different expectations and make their predictions. 

“While watching the first episode, I felt like some parts of the beginning of the episode was very predictable. Before going to the next scene, I would already know what would happen. There were some parts however, that gave me so many emotions, I didn’t know what to think,” Majidi said.

“While watching the first episode, I felt confused. I didn’t know if there was something wrong with the wife, Adele, or if there was something wrong with the husband, David. I didn’t know if one was controlling the other or if it was some hypnotic thing going on,” Rasul said. 

The acting from the cast is an important role in conveying the plot. 

“I believe that the cast of “Behind Her Eyes” was very devoted in the way they presented themselves. The actors portrayed themselves well because I could see and feel their emotions,” Majidi said.

“I think the cast are good choices because everyone plays their role well. The actors portray the characters well because I could see their passion for the role,” Rasul said. 

The clothing was pieces that could be worn at any place, at any time. The character and their clothing matched nicely.

“I liked their costumes/outfits because they had a formal touch to them. I feel like the character’s costumes matched the character’s personality and role very well,” Majidi said.

I feel like the lighting helped with the character’s emotions. You could tell with the lighting if a scene was going to be thrilling or exciting. 

“The lighting, to me, was just right. There were multiple moods set throughout the episode and the lighting played a key part. When it was suspenseful, the lighting would be darker and when it was happy, it would be bright,” Rasul said.

Different people have different opinions. I also felt confused but that’s what pulled me in more. I wanted to understand why these characters were acting in those ways.

“After watching the pilot episode, I would finish the season because it’s very suspenseful and I like suspense. I would also finish it so I can know more about what’s actually going on and why the wife and husband act a certain way towards each other and so I can find out why Louise is having those weird nightmares,” Rasul said.

“After watching the pilot episode, I would finish the rest of the season because there were many ups and downs in just one episode. I would also continue the rest of the season because it’s a thriller but more specifically a psychological thriller. The show makes you expect the unexpected,” Majidi says.

After hearing their thoughts, I would also agree to continue watching this show. 

Divya Hariprashad

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