“Avatar: The Way of Water” Will You Be Watching It?

Thirteen years ago the first “Avatar” movie came out and it quickly became one of the most popular movies in the world ranking as the number one highest-grossing movie ever. Finally, the sequel movie titled “Avatar: The Way of Water” came out Friday, December 16th. Many people are excited to see the film while others feel they lost interest in the series due to the long gap between films. 

Many Edison students saw the first movie and they for the most part enjoyed it. 

“The animation and CGI were beautiful,” says Leana Persaud.

“I liked the concept of the movie and the fact that it shows real-world issues,” said Zarif Islam.

However, despite enjoying the movie, a fellow Edison student Shamir Shimunov said, “the movie triggered my bird phobia.”

Additionally, some students believe the gap between movies was too long. 

“It’s a long time. A child could have been born between that time,” Shamir Shimunov said.

“If that’s how long it takes to be perfect then you should take your time making a good film. So if it takes 13 years then go at it,” Zarif Islam said.

Edison’s graphic design teacher Ms. Loveras also had some interesting thoughts on the movie.

“I mean when you hear the word 13 years it sounds like a long time, but when you know about the technology they used you understand why,” Mrs. Loveras said. “… run time was dragged and they could’ve cut off some stuff so it’s typical movie time.” 

Overall Ms. Loveras believes the sequel was “worth the wait because you can see all the work that was put into it.”

Leana Rampersad

My name is Leana Rampersad. I am a senior at Thomas A. Edison High School. I love watching movies and tv shows and listening to music. I have a passion for writing and enjoy creating stories. In my free time I like to play my piano and draw.