“All American Season 3:” Thoughts and Theories

After being aired on CW back in 2018 the producers and cast members expected for their show to not become as popular as it did. As a matter of fact it was a flop for CW. When “All American” launched on Netflix months later, the show was a big hit. 

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“All American” is a series depicting the life of high school football player Spencer James. Spencer being a black teenager who was born and raised in Crenshaw, one of the roughest neighborhoods of Los Angeles was given a golden opportunity to play for the very privileged Beverly High. Spencer takes this opportunity and struggles between staying true to his roots in Crenshaw and his new life as the most praised athlete in a predominantly white and privileged neighborhood like Beverly Hills. He wants to balance both, but it gets in the way of things as he lives with his coach and struggles with his own issues…daddy issues. 

“All American” launched their second season on Netflix on March 17, 2020. It was rated #1 in Netflix’s “Top 10 in the U.S. Today” for a week straight. This season has stirred up so many emotions and reactions from fans. Two main characters died; there was a drive by shooting that caused Spencer severe injuries. Coach Baker was found to have an affair with Spencer’s mother, which broke up his family all while his own son was spiraling out of control. We found out that Asher, a teammate, was struggling with his father as well and Spencer’s girlfriend ended up in rehab.

There definitely was a lot more chaos, but that’s just to sum it up. We were left with the biggest cliffhanger. Spencer survived the drive-by shooting, but he was put on an athletic suspension to heal from his surgery. If he doesn’t take that time off to heal he can suffer from his arm being paralyzed and he will never be able to play football again. He didn’t follow these rules except it seemed as though he was healed and he was able to win Beverly some games. The season ended after Spencer grabs juice from the refrigerator and he drops it because he cannot feel his arm at all. 

With a lot of talk going around I have my own theory to all of this. I feel like in season 3 Spencer will have to face his own ego as he cannot play football anymore because of his arm. I think he will never be able to heal after this. His ego was also big. He felt like he could tackle every issue thrown at him even if it wasn’t his problems in the first place. Although he was confident he let his ego get in the way sometimes thinking he can do whatever and whenever. Clearly no one is perfect and neither is he. Both his father and his coach had to stop playing football for medical reasons. He was able to sort of live out their dreams as he was the most praised athlete ever since he made the switch to Beverly.

I think just like his coach and dad he will stop playing completely and later get to coach his own team where they turn “Billy Baker Field” into “Spencer James Field.” I also feel like Jordan will come in touch with his black roots which is something his father never enlightened him on. I can definitely see Jordan preferring Crenshaw over his own privileged life in Beverly. I also think Olivia, Jordan’s sister, will finally end up dating Spencer. Which could possibly mean Leila ends up back with Asher or just on her own. Or maybe it’ll get messier and she ends up with Jordan. A lot is being theorized about season 3 and all I can confirm is that it will be returning to CW first in October of this year then to Netflix next March.

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