AI Art Generator: Da Vinci’s New Age Protege?

Are you afraid of robots one day stealing your jobs? If not then count yourself lucky. Artists trying to gain an income from their art however, are questioning if the need and demand for their art would be profitable in the future. 

If you’ve been paying attention to social media or artificial software trends then you should be familiar with the instant rise of AI art generators that have grabbed a considerable amount of attention amongst individuals looking for quick free art pieces. What these people might not realize is that, while artificial intelligence has definitely come a long way technologically, it definitely hasn’t reached the point of making original art pieces from scratch.

Creating Ai-generated art requires an AI tool/software like DALL-E or Lensa that have been set up to analyze thousands of images to then dissect the image and formulate a variation of the style or aesthetic of the image. With this intelligence, someone who is looking for a quick non-commissioned digital image could generate their “own” art. 

3D render of robot with a pallette and paint brush

If AI art generators are able to recreate an artist’s artistic style and composition with just the click of a button, why would we even need artists anymore?

Ashley Miah (Lee Lee La Cubana), founder and Co-President of Candy Culture; a NYC based arts organization that celebrates Culture, the arts, and underrepresented artists by providing up and coming artists with showcase opportunities, shared her thoughts and views on The Lensa App and just Ai art generators overall. AI Art generators are frustrating. 

“As an artist, it’s an interesting journey putting yourself out there,” Miah said. 

Everyday there is another person who has decided to put their artistic talent towards a career. Everyday that artist has to find new and fresh ways to maintain a solid audience/fan base otherwise their career as they know it is over. Imagine how conflicted and kicked-down they must feel when their clients stop commissioning art from them because they found a “quick and free” alternative. In the eyes of Ashely Miah, AI art generators monetizing recreated art styles and aesthetics takes away from the livelihood of artists. 

Many artists, including Miah, are concerned with the unethical use of AI generated art and the immoral monetization of unaccredited artistic styles. Though some have chosen to use it to their advantage by using the Ai generated art as inspiration for their original works. Ashley Miah shed some light on how she thought the immoral use of AI art generators can be avoided. 

“I would urge artists to utilize their right to copyright their art,” Miah said, “we should also seek to educate the public to instill and encourage self morals.” 

Some are threatened, and some use it to their advantage, but regardless of where you stand with AI art generators, be sure to always do your research when trying out a new app or software or trying to get free art online. Artificial Intelligence is constantly evolving and building upon itself and its limit is unknown to us.

Jessica Ramlakan

Hello! My name is Jessica. I am part of the Graphic Design CTE track here at Edison and I will be primarily writing for the Arts and Entertainment section. In my free time, I love to immerse myself in any sort of fictional world. Whether that be through books, movies, or binge-worthy shows. I enjoy all things entertainment and arts and would like to share my love for this world with you through my writing. We’re here for a great time, not a long time, so let’s make the most of it.