A TikTok Musical

TikTok has over 800 million active users worldwide, and has been downloaded on the app store and Google Play Store over 2 billion times.

Since the pandemic hit downloads and uploads on TikTok have been increasing by the minute, but what does TikTok possess that makes it special?

It’s been over two years since TikTok arrived in the US. Creators of home cooking videos, life hacks, creative films, and promotions have taken over the app by storm. TikTok has been caught on by all ages, young and elder.

Many individuals are utilizing this platform to promote their art and talents. Such as music, singing, dancing, painting even promoting their own shops and online merchandise. The content on the app comes from many cultures and artists; it allows a feeling of flexibility and diversity that flows on TikTok. Many artists/musicians such as Charli D’Amelio, Megan Thee Stallion, Chance the Rapper, Lizzo, Doja Cat have gained popularity from posting and distributing their music on TikTok.

No matter what your interests are TikTok inevitably has something for everyone. It’s all thanks to TikTok’s algorithm.

TikTok’s viewing experience is called the ‘For You’ page, an algorithmically programmed feed that shares content that you’ll take interest in. No matter your interest, the for you page will have something to offer.

As of now many young musicians and artists are using this platform to promote and highlight opportunities to succeed in a dream career. Small artists are collaborating with other minor artists on the platform to further their brand.

All the more TikTok users with a high following will collaborate with these small artists and share on the platform. This encourages these incoming artists/musicians to keep going. They have a place to self-promote and be creative. Trends on TikTok offer an ideal opportunity for TikTok users to hop on and develop a following.

Trends can be identified on the Discovery page. The discovery page allows users to see what is trending currently on TikTok and introduces users to famous hashtags that they can incorporate into their own TikToks for more interactions. Anyone can create a trend if it’s creative enough!

There’s been many projects and collaborations on the platform. TikTok teen user Fort Collins was abruptly stopped with his theatre work because of the pandemic. Since schools were shutting down, he decided to take his work and act to TikTok. Producing a musical in resemblance to Disney movie “Ratatouille.” He did not expect his work to blow up as soon as it did. Nonetheless, he continued to publish his work and continue growing his following.

Collins raised over 1 million dollars in donations and found opportunities to grow his succession in the music industry. All of this happened within less than two years of being on TikTok. He continues to post and raises donations for his platform!

TikTok has come to be one of the most popular platforms for our generation. Designing a place of creativity, laughs, and freedom of expression.

Although it’s controversial to procrastinate, it’s a useful platform for engaging with your interests and just posting for fun. TikTok has offered opportunities for thousands of users. Who knows what you can create on the app, it might just blow up without you knowing! 

Shiann Rampersaud

Hey! My name is Shiann but you can call me Shy! I am currently a senior at Thomas Edison High School. I love animals, food, and a great story. One day I want to travel the world and create one big story full of pictures, culture, and most importantly memories.