A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is a science fiction horror film that stars Millicent Simmonds. This is the first movie in recent years that starred a actor who is deaf. This sheds light on to a part of the entertainment industry and the deaf community that is generally not seen.

Angelica Beharry who is also disabled said, “Life doesn’t have to slow down at a disability if you don’t let it, you can do anything you put your mind to.”

John Krasinski, the director who also plays the father in A Quiet Place, wanted the person who played Regan Abbort  to fit the part, which is why Millicent Simmonds was chosen for the role. She breaks the stereotype that being deaf can be a hindrance. She takes on the role of Regan Abbort perfectly, actually being deaf enhances the experiences they have even more the viewer.

a quiet place

“Being deaf in a world where noise is your worst enemy adds a lot of depth. It creates an adrenaline that is hard to obtain from regular horror movies,” said Preeti Singh.

With there being so many different genres of movies and shows it becomes hard to come up with something attractive to a populous with short attention spans. Hence the exploration into the deaf or disabled community it does spark a interest in people so see the reaction of someone deaf in a post apocalyptic scenario.

“It is inspiring to see that people with disabilities are given opportunities in movies rather than another person acting the part,” said Jay Raj.

A Quiet Place will hopefully spark other movie directors to cast more roles fit to highlight the fact that a disability doesn’t have to be a hindrance.

Eashan Nirhoe

I write for the arts and entertainment section of the Edison Light. The arts have always held a special place in my life, It has influenced who I have become as a person. Going to museums is not only something that I enjoy, but it is an adventure for me. Aside from arts a form of entertainment that I favor the most is movies because a lot like books it takes me to a new world.