Receiving College Acceptance Letters

Some seniors are starting to receive their college acceptance letters. Many are full of excitement, while others use this as an excuse to stop working hard in school.

Acceptance letters from Pace University and St. John’s University.

Acceptance letters from Pace University and St. John’s University.

Students know this as “senioritis.” The term many seniors use when they want to describe what’s stopping them from doing work in school. This comes into play especially when students receive their college acceptance letters. They start to think they can stop trying in school. Many forget a college can easily take away their offer once they see you are declining academically.

Rasheeda Ramsingh, a senior who has started to receive college acceptance letters said, “It felt good knowing that I had options for my future…. But colleges still look at your transcript at the end of the year, so it definitely would not be a great idea to do any less work till school is over.”  

Ramsingh is not the only one who believes you should not stop working in school just because you have been accepted to colleges.

Istiak Hussain said, “As much as I’d love to take a break from school work, I can’t. Being part of Model UN and taking elective classes there is no time for rest. It’s great knowing I’ve been accepted to some colleges but there is still work to do until the last day of school.”

As current seniors, both Hussain and Ramsingh see no time for letting “senioritis” stop them from doing less work in school.

Receiving college acceptance letters fulfills us with complete joy. However, it should not become a reason for anyone to stop doing their best in school, keeping in mind a college can take back what they offered.  

Dewan Afreen

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