“LUV vs The World 2” Review

Since 2017, the sensational artist Lil Uzi Vert has been teasing his fans with his project dubbed “Eternal Atake.” Over the years, his followers have heard leaks of his work and were built with anticipation, but heard none of them on this new album. He had postponed these songs releasing for the deluxe version of his album called “Lil Uzi Vert vs The World 2.”

Releasing on March 13, 2020, as a sequel to the first “LUV vs The World” with a total of 14 new songs, 8 were teased within the 3 year wait period. Nine of the total songs entered the Billboard’s Hot 100 the following week of the release totaling to over 322.8 million streams on all platforms. He has also entered the Top 500 artists chart on “Rolling Stone” with 3 of his songs on the Top 100 songs chart.

With the eight features on the album, each song was ensured to sound different from one another to show the artist’s versatility but giving the same sound to “Eternal Atake.” The album satisfied many fans who were disappointed by not seeing any of them on the original list.

The album in itself was definitely a better release than the previous album giving longtime fans what they wanted. However the album was filled with too many features and ruined the original sound fans wanted from 2016. I think the album was a fun nod to his old work but doesn’t live up to the original. 

Jermaine Teekaran

My name is Jermaine Teekaran and along with being a writer for the journalism class, I am active member of National Technical Honor Society and MOUSE Squad focusing in on computer science and hardware.