Civics Week occurred at Edison during the week of March 2nd through March 6th.  During this important week, students were taught about the importance of Civics and Voter engagement. It encouraged students to take initiative and learn more about the entire political process. In addition to this, The Mayors Public Engagement Unit (PEU) helped out during the registration drive.

Ms. Dellabonta, a social studies teacher and the COSA Advisor stated “ Given that this is an election year, I felt it was very important to get students registered on such a mass scale, probably more than we have ever done before. However, getting students registered to vote is an important step in their responsibility as informed citizens. Students asked great questions about political process, primary vs general elections, the difference between open and closed primary elections and also political party policy. It is important to also emphasize to students that local and state elections are equally as important as presidential elections, and how they are responsible for choosing those representatives that play an important role in things like making local law, or running our Congress.”

Ms. Dellabonta  felt that it was important especially this year since the election is approaching. Many of the senior students at Edison have turned 18 and are turning 18 before the election. So this allowed them to be more aware and concerned. It also allowed the younger grades to stay informed on what is going on.

Ms. Baker, an economics teacher stated, “ During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to remember that we, as citizens, as human beings, are in this together. Everytime we help one another, we are doing our civic responsibility, as teachers, as students, as sons, as daughters, as friends.”

Ms. Baker’s statement really stressed the importance of Civics and the engagement of everyone especially during this time of crisis.

Zannatul Ahmed, a senior at Edison stated, “ Civics day is vital because it gives seniors a second chance in the day to really get a look at why they should register to vote. Civic Duty to me means educating and encouraging others about what they can do. I would have more meaningful conversations to explain to students why it is important for their voice to be heard regardless of their opinion.”

Ashley Adhar

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