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A Good Breakfast Over Junk Food

Most people eat junk food for breakfast, although it is unhealthy and causes harm to their bodies. Some people do not realize the benefits of having a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Running late because you hit snooze one too many times typically leads to having to buy something on the go or skipping the meal completely because you don’t have time to prepare it. If you skip breakfast you may have to wait until lunchtime to eat something and if you didn’t prepare anything, fast food is your first choice.

          Anjali Singh said, “For breakfast I usually eat bread, coffee or sometimes a sandwich from a deli… Breakfast is one of my biggest weaknesses because it makes hard for me to lose weight.”

         Many people think that skipping breakfast is actually the healthier way to go, but that is inaccurate. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day because it gives you energy along with being able to get through the day without being too hungry.

“I try to eat breakfast every day at home before I go to class instead of buying. It is healthier and it keeps me awake and alert for  my morning classes,” said Kamy Kissoon, and Edison class of 2016 graduate.  “I like junk food, I could always go for some nuggets and fries, but I know it’s unhealthy and I try to avoid it because it adds up to a lot of money, which isn’t that great being on a college student budget.”

Junk food might seem like the fastest option, but eating it often is not the best idea. You might be able to get away with it now because you are young and your body breaks down the food faster, but if we make it a habit, it starts to affect our adulthood in a negative way.

Komal Kaur

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