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Abdool Ali :

Abdool Ali

Hey readers, I'm Abdool Ali. I write for the Technology Section of The Edison Light. We are really into the modernization of technology and will try our best to keep you updated on major events that happen. I enjoy playing video games and watching anime. My major goal is to become a software engineer.

Nila Singh : Section Editor

Nila Singh

Section Editor

Hi, my name is Nila Singh but most refer to me as Davie. Throughout my 4 years in high school I have been enrolled in Cisco Computer Networking. I love exploring, reading, art, and of course technology. I hope to one day be a video game designer so that I can make stories come to life.

Rikkie Ray Garcia :

Rikkie Ray Garcia

Hi, my name is Rikkie Ray Garcia and I'm in the Robotics shop class. My interests include playing certain sports like volleyball and I like to longboard as well. I like to eat, chill and hang out with friends too.

Jancarlos Rodriguez :

Jancarlos Rodriguez

I’m a fanatic for hacking or modding phones and games. I love the idea of being able to manipulate technology. Technology is always changing. This is why I, along with the Technology team will keep you informed.

general news

Sean Lomba :

Sean Lomba

Hello, my name is Sean Lomba and I write for the General News section. My favorite TV show is the News, yes the News. I like to know what the new trends are as well as having knowledge of anything relevant to my life. My hope is to inform you of these interesting topics as well as encourage you to enjoy being aware of what is happening inside and outside of the Edison community.

Leeza Jaigua :

Leeza Jaigua

My name is Leeza Jaigua and I write for the General News Section and my job is to inform you on updates inside and outside the school. My hobbies include traveling as well as playing soccer and just getting to know new people. I also enjoy being active in school activities including the soccer team and National Honor Society.

Krista Alleyne :

Krista Alleyne

Hi, my name's Krista and I enjoy writing for the General News section because I understand how important it is to keep people informed on things that aren't necessarily in the spotlight. Even when I'm on Instagram or Snapchat, I find myself exploring the news pages because it's crazy to see how much goes on without anybody knowing. As strange as it may sound, I really enjoy not being home. Think about it, the more you're not home all cooped up in your room, you're being exposed to the diversity that is all around us and that's something that I find really intriguing.

Samiha Mahjabin :

Samiha Mahjabin

Hi, I'm Samiha Mahjabin and I write for the General News section of The Edison Light. I chose to write for this section because it allows me to report on a plethora of topics, in and out of school, including sports, entertainment, politics, and current affairs. In my free time, I am a forensic/crime investigation show enthusiast, cook, artist, traveler, and photographer.

Samiha Azad :

Samiha Azad

My name is Samiha Azad. As a part of the general news section, I like to write about interesting topics that will catch the reader's attention. Hobbies of mine include coloring, painting and photography.


Mohammed Akon :

Mohammed Akon

My name is Mohammed Akon. I read fantasy novels, write stories and think about everything. When I'm not training my body or discovering new music; I venture out into the night and lose myself in its serenity. Spend every second as if it's your last and continue to learn new things, for knowledge is the greatest pleasure of all.

Casey Olvis :

Casey Olvis

I am part of the Arts & Entertainment section for The Edison Light. My hobbies include listening to R&B/Soul music and watching movies in all genres, especially horror and animations. I also enjoy photography and fashion. I intend to inform my readers on the latest trends in fashion, music, movies, and the arts.

Esau John :

Esau John

Hey, my name is Esau John and I am part of the Arts and Entertainment Section. I'm a Senior in high school and one thing I love to do is draw. My career path leads me to become an aspiring illustrator or a cartoonist. I want to share my passion for the arts and media with the readers of the newspaper who also love the concepts of it as well.

Indonesia Green :

Indonesia Green

Hi, my name is Indonesia but everyone calls me Nyema. I'm 17 years old and I'm apart of the Arts and Entertainment section. I love watching movies and listening to new songs. My favorite subject is math, except for anything with the words stat- and -istics in it.

Gurneet Kaur :

Gurneet Kaur

My name is Gurneet. My hobbies include listening to Kpop as well as watching makeup tutorials. I write for the Arts and Entertainment section of The Edison Light because of my love for movies and music.


Taruna Singh :

Taruna Singh

My name is Taruna Singh, I write for the Features section of The Edison Light. I intend to connect the readers to the outside world because the world is our stage, so why not break a leg? Aside from my corny joke, (I make several of these a day) I am a typical Guyanese girl growing up in New York where I spend my free time blogging and giving motivational speeches.

Samith Afzal :

Samith Afzal

My name is Samith Afzal and I am a part of the Features section in The Edison Light. I’m a huge New York Knicks fan and I love listening to Drake. I love driving out to new places and documenting my adventures on my DSLR camera by vlogging bits and pieces to make a full-fledged video. I’m all for having a great time and making the most out of my day.

Adam Sakoor :

Adam Sakoor

As a teenager in the 21st century, you can say I am very liberal and open. The foundation of my knowledge and experiences have, and are, based on the rapidly changing, diverse, and hectic streets of New York City. This allows me to be sharp and well-rounded in a variety of topics, for example, politics, ethical values, morals, race, and point of view. I take strong pride in my ability to portray emotion and experience through my writing in the most transparent way possible.

Alexandria Ganesh :

Alexandria Ganesh

Hi, I'm Alexandria! I write for the Featured Article section. Writing for this section provides a variety of topics to choose from whether it be about school or outside the school. "You learn something new every day." You will definitely learn something here because you'll learn something new about almost about anything. Friends describe me as always helpful, so writing for the Feature Article section helps me bring to you new and fresh topics. There aren't any limits on what to write about so my ideas and thoughts flow. Being a Senior in the Web Design shop I enjoy learning new tech savvy things. Hobbies of mine include watching dermatologist videos (yes, you might find it quite unpleasant) and trying new places to eat after school. Just by reading this you already learned something new, about me!

Mellisa Sumasar :

Mellisa Sumasar

Hey readers -  I’m Mellisa Sumasar. I like to travel and explore the world.  I find this section interesting because I can express myself way beyond on different variety of topics, such as different places to visit. I like to be updated with the latest fashion and makeup releases, such as the new Kylie lip kits. Writing for this section will keep everyone updated on places to visit, things to do, makeup and style.


Gwyneth Ganigan : Section Editor

Gwyneth Ganigan

Section Editor

My name is Gwyneth but many call me Gwen. I have a passion for writing. I absolutely adore poetry and expressing my deepest thoughts through personal essays. I tend to connect my writing with photographs I take. In fact, I had the opportunity to work as a Production Intern funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Along with my films, I worked on my writing by analyzing artwork at museums. When I am not writing, I'm binge watching Netflix and binge eating.

Jessica Eweka :

Jessica Eweka

My name is Jessica Eweka and I am a writer for the Food Section. Food is probably the best thing I encounter each day. I love going to different places, whether it be restaurants or fast foods, and trying different foods to eat. My favorite foods consist of burgers, pancakes, pizza, and ramen. I play on the Edison soccer team and also perform on Edison's Dance team. I hope to enlighten you on the many foods I've eaten, from a on a scale of healthy to so stuffed I need to unzip my pants!

Martha Hache :

Martha Hache

Hi, I'm Martha from the Food Section. I've been a vegan for almost a year and wanted to share with you some of what I like to try and eat when going out. I want to do this because many people are unaware of the many options that vegans such as myself, have when it comes to food. Over the summer I worked at The Queen's County Farm Museum, thanks to the Bloomberg Philanthropies internship. Through the internship I learned how many of the foods we eat go from the ground to our tables.

Fayina Ibrahim :

Fayina Ibrahim

My name is Fayina Ibrahim. My hobbies include traveling around the city and trying new foods. Trying different foods to me is like traveling around the country without ever having to leave the city. I want to share the wonderful food spots that I have found on my travels so that hopefully others will give it a try as well.

Jahmarli Cohen :

Jahmarli Cohen

For as long as I could remember, I have been motivated and sometimes inspired by my overactive imagination. At first, I considered it a curse growing because it made it so hard to focus in school. But like anything in life, I'm attempting to learn how to work with it. Ideas such as joining the wrestling team, NTHS, and ways to better my daily life with activities such as fitness stem from my imagination; dreaming of being the best I can be. If I'm not exercising or enjoying time with my friends, I could be found immersed in video games, exploring someone else’s imaginative creation.


Dewan Afreen :

Dewan Afreen

Hi, my name is Dewan Afreen, one of the writers for the Opinions section. I enjoy doing things like reading, cooking, free writing, and drawing. I also enjoy hearing what others have to say on certain topics, whether it’s controversial or just their simple opinion on something. To continue one of the things I enjoy I chose to write for this section, getting both the advantage of listening to others and sharing it too.

Javier Chand :

Javier Chand

Hi, my name is Javier and I'm a senior working on the Opinions section. I have many hobbies in my fulfilling life, ranging from debate to basketball to even slow overdramatic slow-mo walks on the beach. I'm the current Director of the Model United Nations class which goes hand in hand with my section. I've played the role of various world leaders from Roosevelt to Kim Jong Il which lets me see all perspective of a situation. I love breaking room tension and bringing joy by either employing untimely bad jokes or shenanigans. I truly hope you all enjoy reading the Opinion section.

Aliyah Baksh :

Aliyah Baksh

Hi readers- my name is Aliyah Baksh and I write for the Opinions section of The Edison Light. I personally love to share my opinions with anyone who would lend an ear, and sometimes I would get into a lot of discussions about what’s right or wrong. However, everyone’s opinion matters and everyone’s opinion deserves to be heard, that's why I love to write for this section. I am able to be a voice for the students of Edison. My ambition outside of the paper is to become a teacher simply because I have always had a passion for it. I am also a minor history buff and a major foodie.

Eliza Kamal : Section Editor

Eliza Kamal

Section Editor

As a first generation American teenager from Guyanese parents, I have many strong views. By writing for the Opinions Section, I hope to be able to not only convey my opinions but that of others in a respectful manner. As a part of Edison's Model United Nations class, it is my passion to help others get their voices heard. I hope that by writing for this section, I am able to empower people to not be afraid to express their opinions


Efoe Attiogbe :

Efoe Attiogbe

My name is Efoe Attiogbe and I write for the Sports section of the school’s online newspaper. I chose to write for this section because I find joy in writing on sports related topics of any sort. Some of my hobbies include playing video games, watching and participating in various sports. My favorite sports teams are Real Madrid, the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Giants.

David Guzman :

David Guzman

Hey there! My name is David Guzman and I currently write for the Sports Section of The Edison Light. From a young age, I was interested in sports. I grew up playing and watching soccer with my dad. Being from Ecuador and New York, I usually root for the home teams. So, The New York Knicks, Giants, Ecuador National Team, and C.D Cuenca are among my favorite teams. I am grateful to have this opportunity to share my opinions about sports and in other topics as well.

Sabbir Ahmed : Section Editor

Sabbir Ahmed

Section Editor

Hello, I’m the Editor for the Sports section of The Edison Light. I’ve been a fan of sports, particularly basketball, since I was 4 years old. I regularly watch shows like First Take and Undisputed to see the opinions of others. I also find that I learn something every day from watching experts. I’m a huge wrestling fan, mainly WWE, but I’ll watch a show from a different promotion every now and then. I believe that if you delineate figure skating and golf as sports, professional wrestling has to be a sport as well.

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