Win 10, Lose 10

On July 29th, 2015, Microsoft globally launched its newest operating system, Windows 10. Windows 10 was released free to all Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users, and costed $99 otherwise. With a whopping 14 million downloads on opening day, questions have to be raised about the pros and cons of the first OS Microsoft has offered for free.

Being a new operating system with a revamped start menu, your very own personal assistant, Cortana, Windows 10 is bound to have some errors and flaws as Microsoft works out the kinks with upcoming updates. In Windows 8, a version of the start menu upset users into remaining with Windows 7. Windows 10 revamps the start menu into a simple, elegant tool that some would say is much better than ever before. Then there is the automated assistant Cortana. Cortana learns about the user through their searches and responds to voice commands much like Apple’s “Siri.” Elwin Law says, ” The simplicity of the operating system in terms of how easy it is to access anything in a matter of seconds.”

Windows 10 Laptop on Display

Windows 10 Laptop on Display

Don’t think Windows 10 is so wonderful yet. Considering that the operating system is fairly new, we can expect many bugs and downsides as Microsoft is still trying new things. Microsoft has many small bugs, such as display and account errors, but a much bigger problem is the privacy issues. In an except from the Windows 10 privacy policy, it is stated that Microsoft will have access upon necessity to your private information such as E-mails, social media, private communications and documents for the protection of all Windows users. This is a major problem if it continues because many people who know about this believe its an invasion of privacy. Cindy Ricknauth says in response to learning about these privacy issues that “Microsoft has no right to monitor private things through their operating systems; it needs to stop.”

With all that being said, Windows 10 is a highly capable operating system that in the end makes life easier. It comes jampacked with features like a newly revamped start menu, Cortana, a fresh app store, and an elegant user interface. However with the privacy issues, and small bugs users may choose to stay with their older operating systems until further notice. Windows 10 has great potential and can only get better with future development.