IOS9 Brings Convenience and Productivity To A New Level

Apple released iOS9 in late September, with features that bring you more convenience and organization at the tips of your finger. This operating system takes regular applications to a new level. Among these new function, the iOS9 will get you updated and increase your battery life.

Apple is adding a News app to keep you updated, you will be able to filter your news feed to read about stories that fit your personal interests.

The Notes app maintains the same function to type notes, but now goes beyond. You can add maps, paste images, add web links, sketch images, and add create to-do lists to keep on task. Your notes will automatically transfer to all devices connected to your iCloud.


Screenshots of IOS9 search page and notes.

The Maps app will give you access to transit information like subways and bust stops and search for nearby food revenues. All saved documents or files on your iCloud are now accessible on your home screen through iCloud Drive; this will allow you to browse and organize all files in one app.

All iPad devices will be able to view two apps on the same screen for better productivity. These slide view and split functions allow you to multitask better. While facetiming or watching videos on your iPad, you can use other apps while keeping the video on the bottom of your screen. The iPad quicktype function gives an easier way to select text and you can use a wireless keyboard for more shortcuts.

All Apple users are familiar with one feature of Apple devices, Siri. Siri has a new revised to become a more smart and useful tool in our everyday lives. For example, you can ask Siri to remind you of certain tasks at specific times or ask her to search your camera roll from a certain date.

The new and improved search screen allows you to access everything with one slide. You can access the people you contact most frequently, apps suggested based on your preference, nearby places, and the news.

Derick Naraine said, “I like how the music app opens as soon you put in your headphones. It can be any music app too, like Pandora and Spotify for quick access.”

The new operating system allows users more convenience. The new Low Power Mode allows users to save battery life up to an hour. IOS9 updates will require almost 75% less memory compared to previous updates. There will be extra security measures to ensure your photos, apps, and messages are all safe using 6 digit passcodes instead of 4 digits. IOS9 is brings productivity and convenience to a new level.