Enhance Your Productivity Using Technology

Technology has evolved over the years and has represented a valuable source of information; however, it’s become self-evident that our devices have shifted to become tools of distraction rather than productivity.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Our phones and laptops can be used as assets with the proper resources and self-control. Here are some ways you can increase productivity and get your life back on track.

Task Management

What exactly is task management and why is it important? Task management is the ability to create a schedule based on responsibilities that must be taken care of for the day. Without task management, we can easily become overwhelmed, exhausted, and inevitably lose track of our day-to-day responsibilities.

So how can we manage that using our devices? I recommend using task managers such as Todoist, Notion, and Evernote. Task managers can encourage you to be responsible by providing you the ability to digitally develop, edit, and view tasks and assignments. 

Applications like Evernote take it a step further by allowing its users to take notes for varied reasons, such as class lectures. The best thing about task managers is that they can be used across different device platforms. For example, any tasks you may include from a computer can be synced and stored on your phone without any other steps.

Distractions on Computers

In order to have a productive day, we must be able to put away any distractions; however, this may not be possible. From school assignments to jobs, our tasks may require the use of technology. With the spontaneous nature of the internet, we can easily find ourselves losing sight of our assignments. Here are some things that can be done with your computer. 

Many web browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, utilize web extensions, which . Web extensions can drastically improve your productivity. A great extension to regulate Youtube content is called Unhook. It helps to mitigate distractions by allowing you the ability to withhold different parts of your feed. For example, you can hide the comments section so you can focus more on the video or display the subscriptions tab as your default page instead of seeing recommended videos.

Another great extension is called Leechblock. If you discover yourself going to unnecessary websites during your study sessions, this extension can alleviate that. It gives you the option to specify which URLs to block and the time at which those sites will be inaccessible. For example, I could set the extension to block Facebook.com from 8 pm to 8:30 pm. During that 30 minute period, Facebook.com would be unreachable. You can even set a passcode to the settings page of the extension to prevent yourself from turning off the lockdown feature.

Distractions on Phones

Even with all the precautions taken on the computer, our phones can be the gateway to procrastination. Fortunately, there are app providers, as well as built-in features that enable you to focus on the task at hand. Aside from turning on “Do Not Disturb, “ you can use the built-in timer on your phone to keep track of your study sessions.

If you want to take things a step further, use applications like Forest and Donut Dog. These apps give the objective to keep the app open for as long as you set the timer. Forest, for example, will require you to stay on the app in order for a tree to grow. If you leave the app or close it, the tree will wither and die.

General Tips

Studying does not have to be hard. Before beginning a session, it’s noteworthy to set study goals to remind yourself of why you’re completing this and what tasks you have to complete. It’s also significant to eliminate any visible and mental distractions. 

When students were asked what steps they take to be productive, this is what they had said.

“I take off notifications from my phone,” said Daanyia Rasheed.

“I don’t get distracted on my phone often,” said Safiyah Alli. “I started putting my phone on Do not disturb while studying or doing school.”

“I usually get snacks and put away my phone as well as make sure there won’t be any distractions, ” Ashley Jaharan explained.

Some students have even set study goals.

“If I set these goals, I will see improvement in the subject,” said Samara Rahman.

“Yes, this usually helps me to pass the class,” said Ashley Jaharan.


Technology can serve as a source of productivity. Our phones and computers do not have to be distractions. Using the proper apps and services, you’ll be more productive and see a drastic change in your workflow. 

Joshua Surujpaul

Hi, I’m Joshua Surujpaul! I am a family-oriented individual and I love to drive to different places. If I’m not talking about the latest in technology, I’m usually playing video games with my friends!