Drone Zone

“The view that you never knew” Photo Credit: Vincenzo Di Giorgi

“The view that you never knew”
Photo Credit: Vincenzo Di Giorgi

With the advancement of our technology, drones have been implemented in our society in the form of toys and for military use. Youtubers from different parts of the country have incorporated drones into their videos by having aerial footage of the landscape or they use the drones to follow them. Drones allow users to take photos and videos from a perspective that was never before possible.

Having drones can be costly, but some of them are affordable for recreational users. YouTuber Ryan Wagner utilizes drones while creating his Youtube videos.

Wagner said, “Mostly filming, photography for youtube. It’s for recreational use… I’m trying to get into it personally right now. It’s going pretty well,” Simple model drones that are for beginners can cost you less than $100, but if you want a drone that is more advanced, it can range in price up to $1,000; the more advanced drone you get the higher the pricing.

Restrictions for drones are high.

Wagner states, “You cannot fly within 5 miles of an airport, city parks don’t allow drones to be flown around so it’s difficult to find areas.”

The FAA or Federal Admission Administration requires registration if your drone is larger than 55 pounds or has a camera, with the exception of the micro-cameras.

Ryan Wagner states, “I’ve always been interested in flying drones. I’ve always watch people flying them and all the cool type of angles and camera views you can get from them so it’s pretty cool.”

Wagner also noted, “Personally I just like seeing the camera view in my own drone because you can see in the first person while you’re flying and where you’re going. So it’s very cool to control that and see where you are going.”

“Definitely would recommend it, it’s just very difficult and expensive to get into. You should get a very cheap drone but you will not the features that you probably want to have to really get into stuff like filming, photography and doing it professionally.”

Any further questions, anyone may reach out for contact. His YouTube channel is ryanwagner12. 

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