Does The Internet Affect People’s Privacy? 

The world of the internet has revolutionized how our society learns information by just typing a quick Google,  people even get jobs from the internet, and entertainment from watching media. Although, these are all great factors of why people use the internet. The internet can be very unpleasant in looking into people’s privacy, spreading rumors that may not be true about someone, and spreading misinformation about things that people fall for. I have interviewed some students at Thomas A. Edison CTE High School, and they want to share their thoughts about the internet affecting people’s privacy. 

Caption: Not everything can be safe in the world even just a quick search on Google can be sketchy. Never trust all the websites on the internet or the internet will just come for you. This is the world we live in the world of our privacy being taken away.

There are ways the internet can cause widespread misinformation and collect your user database and privacy. Jay Konopko, a sophomore in Cybersecurity, goes in-depth about what the internet can do to affect your privacy.

 “Censorship in platforms and algorithms data selling and depends on where you download. Lack of sacrificing your privacy for your convenience. High screen time exposure to misinformation,” said sophomore Konopko. 

Jay also goes into further detail about how Google can spread your secured information online to people around the world. 

“You have companies like Google, everyone knows Google. Everyone uses Google right but it’s like there is censorship in topics. You see someone that everyone uses and you just follow that. Any type of information can spread around quickly on social media platforms. It can start in one place and it keeps spreading,” said Konopko. 

To be safe and secure from the Internet stealing our privacy. There are apps people can use to keep their information safe. Although, the widespread problem of people collecting your privacy is a thing. In all reality, it’s just the world we live in, a very technological one. Well, Kazi Yashfin a sophomore in Computer Repair wants to say something people can use to be safe from getting their privacy taken. 

“If VPN apps have advertisers then it gives them a sense of credibility or ethos which boosts the VPN service. VPN provides a private secure network where no one can track your information,” Yashfin said.

VPNs are great apps for keeping data to yourself and help protect your private information, security, and your usage on the internet from hackers and other cybercriminals known for stealing your privacy. Kazi also goes in further by giving an example of how VPNs can be useful. 

“Many VPNs would be faulty without a famous person advertising. Take an example from Mr. Beast. He advertises many sites and things and he is able to make people use that product,” said Yashfin. 

There are sites on the internet that are known as pop-ups and can be a way to steal your private information. Mohammad Hussain, a senior that is in the Electrical Installation shop has to say how he feels about the Internet. 

“Internet might not always be safe, especially when you click a pop site you’re unaware of and they make those pop-up sites seem normal, but the chances are that website is stealing information as yours on their site,” said Mohammad Hussain. 

As the internet keeps bringing heat to the table all of its pop-ups and systems can take our information away. Humans also have developed in the technological aspect and have created apps that can be useful. Kazi was talking about VPNs, and Mohammad also has something similar to say and another software that’s also useful. 

“So what you can do is always have a VPN and an antivirus program app on your computer or device and never save important information to your computer such as passwords, important documents, emails, etc. because you never know they might get hacked,” said Mohammad Hussain.

An antivirus system is an app that stops viruses and malware from corrupting your systems or devices. In all, after interviewing some students in Thomas A Edison Career and Technical Education High School they all agreed upon how the internet taking your privacy can be troublesome for people and how it affects your daily dose on the internet. 

Israfil Alsafa

Hello my name is Israfil Alsafa and I am a journalist writing for the technology section for the Edison Light. I am a senior enrolled in the Electrical Installation Program. I love helping others and being disciplined, honest, and hardworking. Technologies really interest me in how the world is growing substantially with vital tech, and as a senior who wants to become a future health leader as a nurse. I feel that tech is needed for the world in many careers.