Disney Plus: A Big Time Streaming Service

Disney Plus is one of the newest streaming services, but it has already become extremely popular because of its large library of shows.

Disney Plus is a streaming service launched by Disney and it includes shows from Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar. It launched in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands on November 12 and it will continue to roll out in 2020 in other places across Europe. 

A big budget Star Wars spin-off, “The Mandolorian,” is one of the many shows featured on Disney Plus. Shows for Marvel will have story lines that will correspond with movies on the big screens. Disney is setting up a streaming service which will bring shows that have connections to popular movies as well as have a library of other popular Disney shows.

The application is set up so that on the homepage, there will be shows for you to pick from as soon as you open the app. The streaming service also allows you to pick from 5 different categories: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

As Disney owns all five of these companies they allow fans of one of these specific companies go directly to the one they want to watch content for. You will also see recommended shows and other categories of shows on the home page. The app includes a search feature, which will let you look for exactly what you want. Another tab is included for downloaded shows. This tab will be useful for when people don’t have internet, but still want to watch their shows as they will be able to watch content that they downloaded. The last tab is to edit your settings or change profiles. 

Profiles are another feature of Disney Plus as you will be able to switch between different profiles for different people that may be watching on the same account. This will allow for different people on the same account to not interrupt what they are each watching.

Disney Plus has a price of 7 dollars a month, which is less than competitors like Netflix, which starts at 9 dollars a month and HBO Max, which is 15 dollars a month. Disney Plus also has its own originals with The Mandalorian and many Marvel originals that will start rolling out soon. Netflix has found success through its original series, and Disney Plus looks to do the same with originals of their own.

Disney Plus has already begun to make an impact on the people who have downloaded the app. A student at Thomas Edison, Sami Dewan, downloaded the app on the first day it came out and has not looked back since.

When comparing the app to other streaming services he feels that, “I constantly find myself doing through Netflix complaining about nothing to watch but I haven’t done that since I got Disney plus.” Dewan also spoke on how affordable Disney plus is as he explains that, “its $6.99 a month and you can watch the newer movies all in 4K while Netflix requires $14 a month plan to watch in 4K.”

Disney is not only being competitive by having a large library of content, but in price since you can watch all shows in 4K for a much lower price than Netflix offers for their 4K content.

 Ms.Psaltos, Edison Librarian, gave more insight for the streaming service.  “Disney has a lot of programming and it can satisfy people of all ages and I like that it is family friendly.” Shows like “Diary of a Future President” and “The Mandalorian” are some of the programs on Disney Plus, that may appeal to a wide variety of people and are also family friendly shows. When talking about Disney Plus impacting her personal life she explained, “it’s just added to my viewing habits, it’s pulled me away from sleeping.” The service has so much to offer that you find yourself spending so much time on Disney Plus that your sleep time may be cut. 

Disney Plus is already a popular service and with all it has to offer, it will only continue to grow.

Sylvester Stewart