A New ChatGPT?

Grammarly has released a new AI-generated tool that allows customers to get a grammatically correct response, GrammarlyGO. Although it’s in beta version, it is available for Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business, Grammarly for Education, and Grammarly Free users.

According to Grammarly, GrammarlyGO allows you to compose, rewrite, personalize your voice, reply, ideate, and much more features that make it distinct and unique. 


GrammarlyGO offers writing suggestions where you are provided with contextual and personalized tips. Their tone and style feature allows you to alter the voice, tone, and style to suit the message one is trying to convey. Like other AI text generation, there is a grammar and spelling checker.

Generative AI enhances communication skills as it generates replies to emails. In case you are stuck, GrammarlyGO offers a go-to way to rewrite the content through suggestions. GrammarlyGO is supported through many platforms, such as Microsoft Word, google docs, Gmail, and social media. As GrammarlyGO develops, it will be supported on more platforms. 

ChatGPT v. GrammarlyGO

“Although GrammarlyGO is in beta form, I would prefer to use GrammarlyGO over ChatGPT because I am a user of Grammarly and fond of the features offered. I like the writing styles and variety of options to choose from in Grammarly. Grammarly has assisted me in completing my tasks and has helped me increase my literacy skills,” said Ho. 

Grammarly has helped students and adults who take on jobs that require formulating emails or business strategies. Adding Grammarly GO will give consumers ideas for a specific topic/phrase when they need creativity. 

Should Schools Be Worried?

“As new AI text generation apps and websites are getting introduced, schools will now have to implement AI text generation checkers. I know on BlackBoard, a feature like that is available for teachers to flag plagiarism,” said Singh. 

The Department of Education(s) shouldn’t be worried about AI text generation as AI text generation flaggers are being developed. These systems are used in different school portals, such as Blackboard, CUNY’s online portal, which has a built-in plagiarism checker: SafeAssign. In addition, Google Classroom offers an originality report as an option for educators to enable and check for plagiarism and AI text generation.

These are all the features and highlights GrammarlyGO has to offer, and it’s just in its beta version. So, what’s more, to come when it’s officially released?

Niyaz Khan

Hello, my name is Niyaz Khan and I am a journalist for the technology section on The Edison Light. I am a junior enrolled in the Robotics program. Programming, coding and designing robots has always been an interest of mine and I want to see the future development of technology. I will inform you of any new and interesting technology.