Wrestling Team Placed 2nd in Queens Borough Championships

FINAL DRAFT DUE (Feb 28, 2020 at 12_47 PM)Our Edison wrestling team placed 2nd in the Queens borough championships on Saturday February 8, 2020!

Benjamin Cardozo placed first place in the championship. They had 12 kids competing with 235 points, while Edison only had 9 kids with 161 points. This year was the first time they had scored this high in a championship. They practiced and trained everyday after school. 

Our star players who got first place were Botensky Bauzile and Kevin Hernandez. Bauzile is only a freshman on the team and placed 1st in his weight class, he has a big future in his wrestling career. Kevin is a senior and it’s his last year wrestling.

Micheal Murray placed second in his weight class, he is also a senior. He said, “I’ll miss wrestling, it’s something I dedicated and put a lot of time into.”

It’s his last year and over the years he worked really hard to get to where he is today. “Losing weight to get into my weight class was very hard. It’s very stressful since you can’t even be .1 off.” Being a wrestler takes a lot of commitment, so for the kids coming in, be prepared to give it your all!

Natalie Rico

My name is Natalie Rico. I go to Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. I am on the soccer team and know a lot about sports. I also like to try new foods because food is my favorite. Also, I like learning new things about what happens around the world.