Order On The Court! The Edison Boys’ Volleyball Team Are Playoff Bound!

Caption: #14 Jake Yang spiking the ball at a home game. Credit Brianna Thompson @btphot0graphy on Instagram

If you’ve been keeping up with Edison sports recently, you know that it’s been full steam ahead for the boys’ volleyball team. The team won their last game of the regular season last week and have officially finished the season undefeated, racking up an impressive 10-0 record! They now are on to the playoff season. They had an impressive playoff qualifier against Hillcrest High School on April 15th with many great performances from the players on the court. #15 right side hitter Iredia Odia and #6 setter Noah Cubi both landed 3 aces, while #14 Jake Yang and #3 Elijah Percival scored 8 and 9 kills respectively.

How does the team feel about the way the season’s been going? They seem to be rightfully proud of themselves and can always be seen celebrating their victories together on Instagram.

“They’ve been doing really well,” says boys’ volleyball coach Nicole Loscalzo. “A lot of the time, they’ve been working outside of the season, like they’ve been going to the rec center, so you can definitely see their improvement throughout the season.”

“I feel like the season has been going fine,” says right side hitter and team captain Iredia Odia. “Personally, I think it’s well deserved due to the amount of practice we do.”

News of the boys’ success has been traveling around Edison like wildfire. They’ve been given shoutouts on the announcements frequently, and their pictures/Tiktoks have been on everyone’s IG stories. It’s also worthy to note that the boys’ volleyball team did not qualify for the playoffs last year, meaning they have made major improvement in their performance. So everyone wants to know: what’s the secret to the  boys’ unstoppable success this season?

“I think that they were angry that we didn’t make playoffs last year,” says Loscalzo. “And they used it as a way to feel this season, so they worked really hard in the off-season. I really think that they have the drive and the teamwork; if you see them on the court, they kind of know where everyone’s going to be without even talking, which is really nice. They have that in-sync unity on the team.”

Others seem to share the same sentiment about the strong bond and unity the team has.

“I think our strength is our relationship outside of the volleyball court,” says Odia. “Because we are actually friends who would hang out or do things together, especially practice.”

Caption: #11 Iredia Odia in action at one of the team’s home games.
Credit: Brianna Thompson @btphot0graphy on Instagram

So what’s next for the boys’ volleyball team? Well, they have a long road ahead of them in the playoffs and they’re going to have to keep delivering that same level of success and determination if they want to be the champs.

“I think that we’re gonna have to dig deep,” says Loscalzo. “There’s gonna be a lot of good teams out there, but we have to go in with the mindset that we are just as good, if not better. Right now, we have won our division, so they should be proud of that and use that as a momentum instead of being like ‘Oh my god, we have to play a better team’. They have to have that confidence and instilling that confidence in them and making sure they know that I believe in them will help them in the future.”

“Our mindset is just to play our best and see what we can do,” says Odia. “I’m not jinxing but I feel pretty confident in myself and the team.”

The boys have their first round playoff game Wednesday, May 15th at 5pm in the Edison gym. Let’s all show up to support the boys and make sure they know they have our support. With that being said, a huge congratulations to the boys’ volleyball team for their unstoppable performance this season and I wish you guys the best of luck in the playoffs. We’re rooting for you!

Leah Jarvis

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