The Feelings About The Transition from High School To College

Can you believe that there’s less than a month before the seniors will graduate from high school? They have spent four years of their lives at Edison, and it will be over before we know it. Most students have already committed to a college and they feel they couldn’t have done it without the help of their teachers. Their teachers have spent this entire year trying their best to prepare to send off their students.

“I am feeling kind of nervous and stressed about figuring out my next steps,” Nabeeha Circy said. She is worried about her commute to her college, and her preparation for her first semester. She wants to stay motivated and try her best through everything.

“In the beginning I didn’t have the best high school experience starting from ninth grade, but overtime I started to improve my grades and take part in extracurricular activities. By the time I reached senior year, I had to get through obstacles. I have friends, peers, and even some teachers who made me feel happy and warm and thanks to them, I’m having a good time,” Nabeeha Circy. She feels that high school has helped her with discipline and understand herself better, so she feels ready for her next steps moving forward.

Ms. Baker has a close connection with most of her students so I wanted to ask her how she feels about sending them off to college. She stated, “I will miss many of them.  At the same time I am very proud of them.  I hope that I have adequately prepared them for college to the best of my ability.”

In order to prepare her students for college, she would hold Financial Aid tutorials in her classroom, and would get assistance from her student teacher, Ms. Triana about CUNYFIRST and FAFSA awards. Ms. Baker isn’t sure whether she prepared her students enough, but she is always open to more suggestions from her students, college advisors, and the guidance department.

Some advice she would give her students would be to “Prepare in advance, and research future career options and to visit the different colleges/campuses that you’re considering.” She wants us to not be afraid to ask her or any other teachers for advice or any questions that they may have. 

It was very interesting to learn about the different perspectives from both a teacher and a student. Moving forward onto college is a very bittersweet experience, though some may be ready while others may not. With whatever little time we have left, we should strive for the best of it and focus on getting through graduating high school. 

Raisa Jannati

My name is Raisa Jannati and I’m currently a senior at Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. During my free time, one thing I really enjoy doing is watching anime or reading manga and webtoons. My favorite genres are shoujo and romance. Some other things I enjoy doing especially when I’m bored are trying out new recipes or painting. My interests include photography, psychology, and fashion. I’m an introvert, but once I open up to people, I love talking to and learning new things from them.