Is the Bus Tracker Worth It or Nah?

In our generation, do we depend too much on our apps to help us in daily activities? Like checking if a bus is coming or when it will be there. To answer this complex question, I had decided to analyze one app that people frequently use, it was the bus tracker. The bus tracker is an app or mobile site that allows you to access information on how close or far your bus is from a certain stop.

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     I interview Kaye Chan an Edison senior, say she does use the Bus Tracker app. She does prefer to use the app instead of the mobile site. When I asked what improvement could they make to the app.  She say to see if the bus is limited or not. I also talked to a regular commuter, she travels to and from work by the bus, and her name was Leliawattie Chaitram; “I used to use the mobile site but now since I switched from the mobile site to the app it’s better for me.” She also commented the differences between the mobile site and the app. “The app gives me more of “approximate” minutes to show when the bus would be here. The mobile site only showed the time it should be there.” When ask what improvements she would make to the app. She replied by saying if the bus is full they shouldn’t show it on the app.

    I drew a conclusion by saying we really do depend on our phones for daily activities. We could just read the time schedule the posted on the bus stop pole. We Americans have become more impatient, we need to get things done now and right away. We don’t take our time to think and wait for the bus to come. If phones stop working one day, will we survive?