Generation Alpha, a generation that has been raised with technology, may be losing their sense of respect in the midst of all those pixels. Recently there has been a concern saying that the generation is disrespectful and technology addicted. There are children using abusive language and watching things that are not for their age. 

“They like to rough house and curse and playfight thinking that it’s cool when it’s really not,” Andrea Judan said.

Although not everyone would say that the entire generation is ill- mannered, the number of children who are, is a very large amount. There have been changes in the mannerisms as the generation gets older. 

“Their mannerism lack childhood essence, compared to my generation,”  Faiza Mohamed said.

The Cause

The leading cause is technology. Technology may be bringing many great things to the world, but there is also a negative side that people, especially the younger generation, should not be exposed to.

“I think due to increased technology kids are more exposed to casual insults and disrespect especially toward service job workers such as store clerks,” Judan said.

“I believe that because gen alpha has grown up with technology at such a young age it’s going to be very hard for them to part with it and do things like talk to ppl in person, play outside, etc,” Judan said.

Recent studies done by CN Associates, indicates that children that are dependent on technology have had less developed social skills, low desire to form relationships, limit brain development, and have lowered their attention span. A common habit is their tendency to replicate.

“A lot of what I seen from gen alpha is them trying to copy everything they see my brother for example started copying my clothes and body language,” Nathaniel Babayev said.

Generation Alpha in its entirety

Generation Alpha and Gen Z are both similar in the sense that both have been raised around technology. However technology was introduced to Gen Z while it was developing and Gen Alpha was introduced to it from a very young age. Even if the generation does face a larger negative impact, there are positive aspects as well. Some of them have a feeling of belonging, connecting with friends and many more. 

“My nieces are sweet, I don’t have many problems with them,”  Judan said. “I don’t think the entirety of gen alpha is disrespectful per se, but a good amount of my nephews-they’re 7 I believe- are pretty disrespectful, they don’t listen to their older peers, and are sometimes disrespectful to their own cousins.” 

 “Based on my experience it depends on how the children were raised. My siblings who both are gen alpha seem to be very nice and respectful however some other students at schools may not be,” Babayev said.

Generation Alpha has its ups and downs much like any generation, although a large amount of the generation has been behaving a certain way it doesn’t apply to everyone. Being raised with technology they can help as advance as a society. The pixels that stopped them from getting their respect could end up being the same pixels that make them respected, and hopefully teach them to respect as well.

Shahreen Subhaa

Hi! My name is Shahreen Subhaa and I’m a senior at Thomas A. Edison High school. I chose to write in the opinions section because I believe it’s important to see different points and perspectives, along with letting voices be heard. I really like reading, listening to music and playing my guitar. I hope that the articles I write reach out to you and that you enjoy or relate while reading them!