As the days go on, college tuition costs are starting to soar, which makes all of us wonder whether spending all that money is truly worthwhile. Although there are colleges boasting amazing opportunities and programs that students work extremely hard to get into, in the end their efforts go to waste. Many individuals have expressed their concern about money and the college that they choose.

“The cost of a college is definitely going to impact the college I choose to go to, as I won’t be able to afford going to a college I want if it is too expensive,” Sahibjot Singh said.

Not only this but there are many contributing financial factors that determine someone’s decision to pick a certain college. Despite financial aid, scholarships and grants there are people who fail to reach the required amount for tuition. Adding money in education has undoubtedly complicated the decision making process.

“I can’t attend a school that I know will lead to financial burden for my family,” Eliyanny Reynoso Vasquez said.

Students are compelled to choose colleges because of what they can afford. They may dedicate hour after hour, doing extra curricular activities, and so much more to seem more intriguing to their dream colleges, only to find that what they can afford is the ultimate barrier.

“Hofstra is the college of my dreams. I am unable to go due to the fact that the tuition I have pay is more than the income my dad earns. I believe CUNY should definitely be completely free and SUNY and Private Institutions should be way cheaper and more reasonable,” Jannatul Rahi said. 

Which leads people to wonder, are colleges overcharging students? The colleges surely have valuable opportunities and do reach some type of expectation that students have, however, paying that much for college education isn’t as appealing. Not only that but it takes away a spark that so many students have for learning.

“The cost of colleges are extremely unreasonable. I understand private institutions make the money to run these schools from us. But it is ridiculous to be asking for an amount of money that a household is not capable of making. If colleges want us for our grades then why not be reasonable when it comes to the price? So many colleges have crushed their dreams simply because they could not afford it. If I could say anything to the college about their tuition, I would tell them that they are losing such bright kids who could’ve expanded their colleges reputation just because of their high tuition fees,” said Rahi.

The issue at hand is that colleges are no longer just about teaching people but they have developed into systems that rely on money. 

“College is way too expensive, a great number of schools concern themselves with making money rather than providing education for its students,” said Vasquez.

There are many great things about college and the benefits that one can get even after paying the large sum of money, but based on countless opinions, for the sake of bringing back the enthusiasm and excitement to go to college, the tuition costs should be lowered. 

Shahreen Subhaa

Hi! My name is Shahreen Subhaa and I’m a senior at Thomas A. Edison High school. I chose to write in the opinions section because I believe it’s important to see different points and perspectives, along with letting voices be heard. I really like reading, listening to music and playing my guitar. I hope that the articles I write reach out to you and that you enjoy or relate while reading them!