Graduation Brewing Pot, How do Seniors Feel About It?

The 2023-2024 school year is coming to an end. With roughly 500 seniors graduating, it’s interesting to know how some seniors feel about graduation. It’s an important time for millions of students every year throughout the world since their lives will never be the same after high school. It’s important to gather insight on emotions, plans, thoughts and other things on what goes through a senior’s mind regarding their graduation.

Caption: Graduation is rapidly approaching for Edison Seniors

Graduation is a time for happiness and excitement. It signifies a new beginning for many. 

“High school is finally coming to an end. I will soon be able to experience college life and all the opportunities it has to offer me which is something I have really looked forward to,” said Imtiaz Chowdhury.

Graduation in a sense is a feeling of accomplishment and triumph for many. Students overcame challenges and could achieve important things.

“Spending four years at Edison wasn’t easy. Trying to achieve good grades while engaging in extracurricular activities is hard to balance but I was able to do it and I feel really proud of myself,” said Chowdhury. 

While graduation is a time for happiness, it’s also a time of sadness for others. A lot of the the people you will meet will most likely never see you again.

“I’ve met a lot of great people and I truly appreciate every single one of them. It makes me a bit sad knowing that I probably won’t see most of them ever again but I wish them the very best,” said Maheshwar Ramanand.

For some seniors it might not be the final time they set foot in Edison. They may want to revisit familiar faces and perhaps pursue a career in teaching.

“Once graduation happens I am fairly certain I will be back in Edison visiting some of my teachers since I am very grateful for everything they have taught me and I might follow their footsteps,” said Ethan Rahim.

Highschool graduation is a one of a kind experience. You only get to experience this once and it’s important to cherish every moment before eventually it all becomes a distant memory. 

Brian Perez Alvarado

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