SkillsUSA Bounces Back after Lockdown:

Thomas Edison CTE High School makes a triumphant comeback after two years in lockdown as the SkillsUSA Organization aids in the intermingling of CTE classes. They have been hard at work to make up for lost time and getting things back on track!

SkillsUSA is known for their career specific training and leadership skills, they have been trying to make more events that involve career exploration and training while doing leadership workshops as well. Over the past couple of months there have been numerous events held that in some way help our CTE students.

COVID-19 has continuously restricted their ability to hold in-person events as frequently as they would have liked. Students faced a depletion of social skills with their lack of interactions and missed out on vital connections to CTE trade. Now that they are back in person, SkillsUSA has come back in full force. Events that highlighted their skills from this year include: 

  • Toys for Tots Coffee Show: utilized Lincoln Tech Institute to hold over 500 participants and gather 2,500 toys to donate to New York Presbyterian Hospital 
  • UFT Award Banquet: members put their leadership skills to the test by interacting with NYC teachers and facilitating the logistics of the award ceremony 
  • Offshore Maritime Technology Expo: as a part of career exploration, members got an inside look to the different aspects of multiple technological fields 

Being back there has allowed for more competition engagements as competition is no longer virtual. Even though they competed virtually last year it’s not the same feeling as being in person. Competitions being in person allows for more students to be engaged with skills and each other. This year they have been trying to get back to some sense of normalcy.

That being said, currently there are over 50 competitors across all the CTE pathways and leadership competition. With competition day rapidly approaching, SkillsUSA would like to wish all the competitors good luck. Can’t wait to see all the gold medals that will be brought back!

A big shout out to: Vashtie Persaud, Michael Mikhaylov, Ishaan Lal, Wilson Caceres, Isaiah Chavez, Aleah Laforest, Ronita Singh, Brian Paray, Bryan Pirbaksh, Aqeel Chowdhury, Justin Musaleen, Dharendra Marajh, Terisa Asgar, Annalisa Lloyd, Ravin Looknauth, Ashlee Boodram, Alexander Acosta- SanchezEthan Bhoopsingh, Rey Then, Nathan Rampersaud, Sahibjot Singh, Simon Islam, Alyssa Elguedo, Shania Dyram, Jillian Daneshwar, Naufa Fahmida, Elizabeth Nawagamu, Emily Mohammed, Hannah Girdharry, Kajal Singh, Aqiib Jalees, Joshwa Bispat, Sonia Sooknauth, Rachael Khan, Victoria Premchand, Sayemul Bashar, Nicholas Nathu, Emily Budhu, Meachelle Haney, Pasram Seecharan, Damian Sarjudas, Raiyan Bhuiyan, Shahran Newaz, and Sahaf Khan. 

Naima Jannat

Hey! My name is Naima Jannat, my pronouns are she/her, and I am currently a senior at Thomas A. Edison CTE Highschool. As much as I try not to be, I am a huge procrastinator, but writing articles and catching up to college related deadlines have helped me lessen that this year. All of the clubs and organizations I am part of all have a common theme of representing and giving back to the community so that’s what I unknowingly enjoy doing and being a part of. Reading, doodling and snuggling with my (sister’s) cat in my free time is what I do most along with listening to music and spending time on my laptop.