Remote Learning: Student P.O.V

Due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, all New York public school buildings have closed and learning is being done remotely. On March 15th, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that schools would be closed in order to slow the spread.

In light of this, students and teachers across the state had to adjust to these new methods of learning and teaching from home. Remote learning seemed challenging, at first, but after months of working from home, students seem to have adjusted. 

Students at Edison have not been shy about voicing their opinions and concerns about online learning, as several students have spoken to Principal Ojeda about overbearing workloads and deadlines. These concerns were addressed as Edison altered the work schedule, allowing students a day or two before work should be submitted. This schedule seems to be working better as more students are submitting  work compared to before. 

Although the Edison administration has been trying to make the switch to online learning easier for students, many still feel discontent with the situation.

One senior, Jenasia Sooknauth, says, “I understand why they had to close schools but I personally don’t like learning at home. It doesn’t have the same energy as it is to go to school and it feels like I’m just submitting assignments not to fail.”  Several students share this same perspective as they miss the routine school gave. She goes on to add, “At school I had more motivation to do work but now I have to motivate myself to get everything done so it’s kinda hard.” 

Zannatul Ahmed, another senior, shares a similar opinion and offers some tips on how the online learning experience can improve. “I think if schools could focus more on teaching as if it were regular routine. Now each of my teachers are regularly giving homework whereas if we were in school, they would not be giving homework.” 

The current system allows teachers to give around two to three assignments weekly, with a weekly check-in to discuss grades or any other questions students may have. There isn’t really any teaching going on as students do work independently. 

Amidst the worldwide crisis, New York students and teachers are unsure if schools will reopen in the fall but many remain hopeful. Finals will take place soon and remote learning will most likely continue until the end of the school year. 

Jennifer Urprasad

Hey, my name’s Jennifer Urprasad. I’m currently a Journalism student and writing is something I’m very passionate about. Journalism allows you to shed a light on important issues and topics which is why writing for this website is important to me.