Participation in Senior Events After A Two Year Hold 

The set of dates for the senior events is roughly approaching. The month of June is the most anticipated month throughout one’s entire high school career to step down from academics and get to enjoy themselves to days of fun and create unforgettable memories with friends and classmates before going on to separate ways for the upcoming fall whether that be starting college, employment, or other plans. Many students go next level on full glam and plan to outdo themselves for prom night. Or instead, count on the senior trip to enjoy a full day of being around friends and classmates to have a great time. 

As the pandemic hit us at an alarming rate in March 2020 and went on lockdown, the seniors of the past two years had their anticipated moment of the year taken away from them. It had upset a majority because they had never gotten to experience the final months of their high school life. All of the typical senior activities planned for the upcoming months had been canceled. It left future seniors pondering if these events will be brought back once the pandemic ends.

For two years, high school seniors had to miss out on the most unforgettable experiences and instead spend their days at home and indoors. The question then became, will seniors of Edison be able to partake in senior events for the 2021-2022 academic school year. Soon enough, the answer to this question would be announced as the school assessed the current covid circumstances and if it was safe enough for them to plan out these affairs. 

When Edison announced that senior activities would reopen these events, several mixed results were coming in. The two common reactions to us seniors getting the opportunity to have prom, trip, and the senior barbeque. Some picked up a great interest in having the choice to get the last high school year experience or the lack of appeal in even participating. 

This year has not been one we anticipated that everything would go back to the way things were when we were put back to traditional learning. It was not an easy year for seniors to dive right into college applications for the fall and winter. The last thing seniors need to think about is the stressful week of finals and anything educational-wise for their last month of school. That is what senior events are all about. Students would argue that they should be taking advantage of this chance to go and have the most fun that they can get out of a senior event. 

“It would be a waste,” says Amanda Lacey. Those who plan to attend would agree that it would not be fair to miss out on activities meant to be for them to enjoy themselves. One should treat themselves to a good and fun time celebrating the accomplishments that have gotten them this far that seniors of the past two years were not able to participate in their final year festivities.  Even with everything going on around us, and as we still are battling this fight against Covid, these activities had been able to come true for students to make the best of the difficult situations these years had put us through. 

As much as the excitement is rising for the days that are roughly closing in for prom, trip, and barbeque, the other half of the seniors decided not to take part in any of these planned activities. Some don’t see the fun or point in going for various reasons such as travel and attire expenses. “Most of the time, you look forward to these moments, and high school is like your last year, and it’s something you get to have fun with the people you have been with for the last four years,” says Nigina Tojiboeva. One would agree that it’s a great opportunity to attend these festivities, but the motivation and interest to try and go had vanished. 

Senior events for this year seem exciting to participate in, but we each have our reasons to attend or not. These activities can either make you feel delightful or unpleasant. Every day, one will have countless opportunities to create unforgettable memories from places you would least expect, whether that be at a job, college life, or other situations that life throws at us. For those who decide to skip any of the usual, there is no shame in doing so. One can always add their own personal twist to these moments even if you follow the traditions. 

Amarely Melchor

Hi! My name is Amarely Melchor, and I am a Graphic Design student at Edison. I have a love for art and indie music of all kinds. Although I may not pursue art in the future, it’s something I love to make and admire in my spare time. I am also a big fan of sitcoms, comedy-drama, anime, and manga! To wrap it up, I am one huge coffee addict.