Five Things You Can Do This Summer

The conclusion of AP and regents exams indicates that summer break is right around the corner. Some may have plans while others may not, and here are five ideas of what you can do this summer if you don’t know what to do. 

  1. Get a Job

Worried about paying for college? Need money to empty that Amazon cart? Get a job this summer and get those $$$. Not only would you get money but also on the job experience and something to put on your resume. SYEP would also be a good idea, check google classroom (class of 20XX) for more information and opportunities.

  1. Volunteer

Volunteering can help you explore your interests, adds on to your experience, and lets you meet new people. Volunteer hours will also be essential in the college application process and looks great on your resume when competing for a job. In fact, certain occupations require volunteer hours.  

  1. Explore Colleges

Underclassmen can start exploring areas of interest (what you want to do and where you want to be in the future) and colleges this summer. College can seem really far away but can come in the blink of an eye, it’s never too early to start preparing. Seniors can also start touring campuses so you don’t get lost in September. 

  1. Try Something New

If you have always wanted to try something new like learning a new instrument or playing a new sport but never had time for it, the two month summer break would be a perfect time to do so. Hobbies can also be asked in interviews!

  1. Relax

It may have been a long and exhausting year for many of us and a break is exactly what we need. Start a new series, travel, or do anything you enjoy, it’s always okay to take a break. ^_^

Hui Ling Liu

Hi, my name is Hui and I write for the Featured section in The Edison Light. I enjoy reading and talking about the random stuff I see on the internet and this is why I chose this section. I also like to get myself involved around the school: catch me (don’t actually) working in the school store, selling cards for HOSA, or in school events. Nice to meet you!