Edison’s PGC Activity Day

Edison’s Peer Group Connection (PGC) hosted Activity Day in the gymnasium on October 24th, 2018. From periods one through eight, seniors who take part in PGC and freshmen commenced on building strong relationships with each other. Activity Day featured several bonding exercises all of which allowed the lower and upperclassmen to mingle and initiate friendships.

Getting to know your peers can have a great difference in the quality of your high school experience. Allowing yourself to familiar faces can make the workload that comes with high school more bearable. PGC consists of seniors working hard to continuously make an impact on freshman lives. They aim to help these newcomers transition into the high school lifestyle through weekly outreaches and communication exercises.

Students engage in Activity Day hosted by PGC in the gymnasium

Students engage in Activity Day hosted by PGC in the gymnasium

Numerous activities, such as the Human Knot, Spiral Hug, Expectation Sharing, and Boundary Breaking engaged participants in becoming acquainted and establishing trust with one another. Take the human knot activity for example. Participants formed a giant knot with their arms by criss-crossing them with different people. Their aim was to work together to free themselves from the knot they’d created. By doing so they built communication skills, which can be used to form new relationships with anyone they meet in high school.

When asked following the event, freshman generally viewed PGC Activity Day as a success.

“I actually do feel a small connection with my peer leaders and like it actually helped me find out other people and start a connection with them in my group.” said Mohammed Uddin, a freshmen who attended PGC.

Mikdad Abdullah described the experience as astonishing because his peer leaders were “Friendly and motivating.”

Activity Day prevailed as a memorable and impactful day for freshmen, fulfilling its purpose to the fullest.

Amanda Bisember

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