Edison Seniors Left Feeling Unmotivated For the Remainder of Senior Year

As the end of Senior Year of High School rolls in, Edison Seniors have been rolling out of school at the times they shouldn’t. What’s the cause? Senioritis. Senioritis is defined as the loss of motivation for School as Seniors get closer to graduation. Some are still holding out due to AP Exams, and others feel incentivized to their classes.

The Edison Class of 2024 will be upcoming Freshmen in the College Fall Term, which tends to be the main reason for the decline of motivation for school work. Once Seniors have committed to their Colleges everything else feels like it’s floating on a cloud, meaning it’s not top priority. However Seniors must keep in mind that you must keep your grades up because Colleges still have their eyes on you.

Maruf Niloy, an Edison Senior, feels the underlying effect of Senioritis. He describes it as not something he wants at the moment, but it’s coming in full effect as the month of May goes on.

“The workload can get annoying especially when the work is repetitive,” Maruf said. “I’ve always been on time with my work, but it’s getting harder to concentrate.”

At the beginning of the Fall Term, students feel the most motivated to do better in their class, however when the 2nd Semester came out, students began to feel the effect of unfortunate events, skipping class. 

Ninnud Chowdhury, also an Edison senior, tends to leave school a bit earlier than usual. The reason? He contracted a case of Senioritis.

“Sometimes I leave school a period earlier because I do feel drained in my classes,” said Ninnud. “Especially since there’s only like a month of school left.”

Skipping has been known to be a prevalent issue in school, and especially in Seniors. Some say once they start skipping, you can’t go back. However once the skipping becomes excessive, students are in danger of their grades dropping, getting a call home, or at risk of a more uncontrollable burnout.

Jonathan Coronado isn’t the type of student to skip. However, his schoolwork has become a nuisance once he gets home.

“I don’t really skip at all really, but once I get home, I just want to sleep,” said Jonathan. “It’s become a bad habit to take naps after school, and I sometimes find myself waking up at 8-9PM.”

Sandy Persaud, has felt the effects of Senioritis, but hasn’t let it take over her student life. She constructed ways to prevent herself from ignoring her school work and skipping altogether.

“There was a point where I wasn’t motivated to complete any homework at all,” said Sandy. “But when I knew my grades were dropping, I decided I should do my homework right when I get home, and would tell my mom to pick me up from school so I wouldn’t skip.”

Multiple Seniors have contracted a case of Senioritis. Some have found ways to cure their cases, others may have let the disease take over their student lives. Whether they have Senioritis or not, it is crucial to keep your grade up because you can lose potential College scholarships, and other academic achievements. 

For the next graduating class, Senioritis will hit you hard once the Spring Semester begins. Make sure you don’t catch a case of Senioritis.

Deanna Ranglall

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