Deciphering the College Decision

As high school seniors navigate the complicated landscape of college decisions, the process frequently resembles a complex puzzle, with each piece representing a different aspect of their future.” From weighing academic programs to considering campus culture and financial implications, the process of selecting the right college can be both exciting and daunting.

“My experience in selecting a college was alright but it could’ve been better. I felt I should’ve researched more about my options to choose the college best suited for me. Factors that played an influence in me selecting a college was the reputation of their Computer Science program and how long the commute would be,” said Mohammad Dain. 

Dain emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough research and considering a variety of factors when making college decisions such as the majors, programs, and commute.

“Many of the colleges had given me scholarships for each year covering at least somewhat of the semester. The financial aid packages didn’t do much but it also depended on if the college was a SUNY or a CUNY,” said Komalpreet Kaur. 

The mention of SUNY and CUNY emphasizes the importance of public university systems in providing accessible education options, which may influence prospective students’ decision-making processes.

“Factors that influence my college decision include the distance from my relationships and the price. I believe the distance is significant due to how much I value my friends and family. Going farther away would result in the inability to see them at any time. Additionally, price is also relevant because student loans are a significant issue that I would struggle with,” said Thwenic Thanwin.

Thanwin brings up the importance of close relationships with friends and family as they can provide support and companionship. Distance becomes an important consideration, as being farther away can hinder regular interaction and support.

“For my college decision, I ultimately chose Queens College due to its affordability, campus, and major. I will be going into the product design field, and Queens College has a design BFA for interactive design, which was lucrative. I also checked out their campus, which was close to home, big and perfect for me. FAFSA and TAP will cover my tuition fee, which will help me focus on my studies,” said Chime Lama.

Montacin Zahan

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