College Decisions: Where Are Edison Seniors Going?

It’s college decision season for seniors at Edison! This is the part of the year that students have been waiting for! We get to ease off a little on the school work as we start to appreciate all the effort that was put in for the last 4 years and see it pay off as we find out what college we’ll be heading to.

There’s even been a pair of students that remain anonymous, that run an Instagram account for Edison seniors to share their decisions. I interviewed a few seniors about their college decisions and what made them decide where they wanted to go for the next four years, here’s what they had to say!

While many students decide to jump right into a four year education after graduation, some need more time to figure out what career path they want to take.

“I don’t think I’m ready to commit to a four year college yet,” Hugo said. Taking the more methodical approach, he chose to go undecided into Queensborough Community College, allowing him some time to explore what he might want to pursue.

A lot of our seniors decided they would like to stay close to home. This was the case for senior Joshua Truong.

“It’s giving the most scholarship money and it’s close by and I also know some people that are going there,” Joshua said. Referring to his decision to go to Queens College this fall, choosing between a selection of Stony Brook University , Hofstra University, City College, Hunter College, and St John’s University.

“I got into Stony Brook, but I didn’t get into the program I wanted, which would be my dream program,” he said. Making his decisions based on scholarship awards and connections to people that he already knew, Joshua said he felt “somewhat satisfied” with his decision. “I wish I won more scholarships at other schools,” Truong said.

Our seniors really showed how much they’ve built their decision making skills. They thought about the cost, distance away from home, and whether they felt the school felt right for them and their career path.

Senior Kevin Rodriguez was also satisfied with his decision to commit to Baruch College, majoring in statistics. “I feel it’s [in my best interest], and it will help me with my career,” he said. When choosing between Baruch and Hunter College he did some research into each of the schools programs. “I feel like hunter [college] tends to focus more on the medic or nursing side,” Kevin said. 

Wherever our seniors end up in college, they will get a great education. But it’s smart to weigh your options and look into the schools you’ll be choosing between and looking at what programs work for you. Even if it means you need a couple of years to really understand what it is you want to pursue, that’s totally fine! It’s better to take your time finding something you love than to be cornered into something that you don’t like.

Leonardo Navarro

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