BSU: The Hottest Club at Edison?

About 40 clubs have been offered to students this year, with a diverse range of options. In just this first term, one club in particular has stuck out – is Edison’s Black Student Union setting the standard for clubs?

“I think this year we focus a lot more on advertising,” Vice President Caleb Pierre said. 

The BSU board kicked the year off with an Instagram reel to introduce their team. Using the Full House theme song and creative clips, they had over 200 likes and many reposts from other students. 

“We have more community, we’re able to reach more people,” Pierre said. 

With meeting announcements on their Instagram page, BSU keeps everyone up to date. Their meetings consist of games and important conversations. Hosted for inclusivity, awareness, and a good time, meetings are open to all regardless of your background. 

“Associating with people who share the same experiences that I do is however very healing when being with a very diverse group of friends all the time,” member Shakira Griffin said. 

Griffin has been in BSU since the middle of her sophomore year, and goes to the meetings because it is her “community race-wise.” 

BSU’s meetings aren’t the only reason students stay engaged. Their annual Renaissance Showcase is back. Last year’s show was an absolute hit, leaving the school stunned by the different talents. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to see the same performances since the show took place during the school day. This year, students are hoping that will change. 

“I know an all day show can be tiring for the people doing the same thing every period, but I also wish I had the opportunity to experience the full enjoyment,” senior Ariana Chayka said. 

The Renaissance Showcase II will represent singing, dancing, spoken word, a fashion show, etc. of the African Diaspora. Although the event is in February this year, the board has already been working hard to prepare since November, searching for models for the fashion show and holding auditions. 

“My nervousness was unwarranted as it was held by my best friend and one of the staff members I’m closest with,” Griffin said. 

The staff member was BSU’s advisor, Jamel Foster – “Mr. J” to students. He prioritizes the comfortability of all students, always leaving his door open for when they need him. 

BSU’s board leaves the door open too.

 “We have a lot of freshmen coming into BSU – a lot more than last year,” Pierre said. 

Usually with a board full of seniors, it is difficult to keep freshmen engaged. The board of BSU has no issue with that, with interactive meetings, the freshmen members are able to enjoy. This is extremely important within a school community, since they will be the ones running the club in no time. 

Most importantly, the community they’ve built makes sure everyone is able to enjoy. “We’re able to reach the future of BSU.”

Mahirah Rahman

Hi! My name is Mahirah Rahman, and I write for the General News section here at Edison Light. I enjoy writing, especially when it comes to a flexible range of topics which is why this section is perfect for me! Other than that, I enjoy baking, making jewelry, scrapbooking, and I’m always looking to try something new or explore places I’ve never been to. That being said, I can’t wait to explore the news with you all!