What to Try Next?

What better way can you spend the quarantine than trying new things like these 15 popular food trends.

“Being a mother of three I do cook when I can, when I am not working and when my cook isn’t present. I have tried the quarantine food trends…My favorite has to be the dalgona coffee. As I have worked all throughout the pandemic as a doctor and spent countless nights keeping up with worth, this dalgona coffee has kept me awake and tasted delicious. I definitely recommend this trend to those who enjoy a good cup of coffee and who need a quick boost for their energy all throughout the day. It is simple to make with just coffee, sugar and water to top off a glass of milk,” said Fatima Ahmed, 43 years old from Queens, NY.

“Living on my own it is my job to cook for myself everyday. Since the start of the quarantine I have been trying to keep up with the trends as most of them look quite simple and are pretty easy to make. My favorite one so far has had to be the spicy penne pasta. I love that this dish is creamy from the sauce, cheesy and with a hint of spice (or if you are like me, a whole lot of spice). I no longer make regular pasta after this…I can definitely eat it over and over again,.” Jasmine Elaine, 30 years old from Queens, NY.

“I don’t cook as often, but I do enjoy cooking. I find cooking to be very therapeutic. I have tried some of the new food trends and I would have to say my most favorite would be the birria tacos. Even though I have to be patient enough to make it, it’s very much worth the wait. I love my Hhispanic food and food with lots of flavor. Since I can’t go out to my favorite food truck that sells these birria tacos all the time, making them at home will do,.” Karishma Huda, 27 years old from Queens, NY.

Trying new food trends is exciting to do at the comfort of your own home as you are unleashing new types of food you would like to have more or even not. You are figuring out more of your taste and new cooking styles while being stuck at home during the quarantine.

Tasfia Hossain

Hi my name is Tasfia Hossain and I go to Thomas A. Edison CTE HS. I am 17 years and over the years of being in high school I realized one of my biggest passions is writing. I am able to feel free and let loose when I write along with other hobbies and activities such as art and photography. All of which go together perfectly as I express my writing on a new level with both art and photography.