Trendy Breakfast Life Hacks

People from all over watch TikTok videos, whether it is the TikTok app itself or on Instagram and Facebook. TikTok is for educating, creating, sharing, discovering, and entertaining people. But, did you ever try to cook one of the recipes from videos you saw on TikTok because it looked so good that you wanted to try it? Are all the foods that go viral on TikTok tasty? Or do they go viral because of their aesthetic or the person who made them?

While scrolling through TikTok, you encounter videos with many likes and comments and wonder why the video is so popular. You decide to watch the video, and your mouth starts to drool and your stomach grumbling for food. So you keep saving videos and stacking them to try it out one day. 

If you haven’t tried one of the videos you have saved, here is a cooking method that can be very useful, especially if you are renting an apartment for college. It’s called One Pan Egg Sandwich, also known as Tiktok Egg Sandwich, posted by Al Dente Diva. 

Oh, Daniel. “One Pan Egg Toast – It Works Beautifully!” FutureDish, 23 July 2020,

Whenever you want an effortless and delicious breakfast, quickly grab a frying pan with your hands ready to cook. The recipe is quite simple, spread a small piece of butter across the frying pan. Then grab the whisked-up eggs that you set aside in the beginning into the pan. Next, dip your two slices of bread into the mixture. Flip them around to let your egg set in to turn them around to cook it entirely. 

Now, pick your favorite topping, whether it’s cheese, crispy bacon, cooked ham, vegetables, or a mixture of everything. After adding your seasoning and flavor toppings, fold the toast into the middle. The last step is to flip the two pieces of bread together, and voila, you made yourself a perfect breakfast! 

I like my one-pan egg toast with lots of cheddar cheese oozing out. It is easy to make for your whole family or yourself if you plan to move out. It is very economical too! You can say goodbye to all those extra dishes and say hello to your new non-stick frying pan friend. 

Man, now I’m hungry; time to make myself a sandwich.

Emely Rosales

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