The Sugar Factory is every little kids dream; a family-friendly environment with a colorful and enticing atmosphere elaborately decorated with marble tables, pretty chandeliers, and black chairs. From burgers, shakes and all the way to crepes, The Sugar Factory’s menu has a plethora of deliciousness for all palates.

The menus first item are the “Goblets,” which are basically soda drinks that may be customized. Goblets, however, are not regular soft drinks, they are overflowing with gummies, cotton candy, candy bracelets, you name it. The coolest thing about these goblets is that they contain dry ice! So when the liquid is poured into the goblet, the dry ice is activated and produces fog!

Photo Caption: Lollipop Passion Goblet Photo credit: Bhavna Roopchand

Photo Caption: Lollipop Passion Goblet
Photo credit: Bhavna Roopchand

Two of the most popular goblets are “The Drake,” which is this peach-based, Drake-approved sweet mix of Peach Puree, Sweet Tea with Sour Patch Peaches and a Strawberry Lemonade Cotton Candy! The second most popular drink is the “Lollipop Passion,” which is a mix of coconut, melon, and pineapple topped with lollipops and a candy necklace!

“My favorite drink would have to be the White Gummi, it’s like a fruity flavor, but not too sweet like the others, and for food I like pretty much everything! The burgers are good and I do like the steak so it depends what mood I’m in,” said Gladys Walker, waitress, on menu items at the Sugar Factory.

The food on the menu includes pancakes, crepes, waffles, sandwiches, and many more. From the Grilled Chicken Mushroom savory crepe to the“The Big Cheesy,” a beef burger with mac and cheese inside, entrees cost approximately $19.

“It was really good especially with the bacon and the Mac’n’Cheese inside, I ordered a medium well and it was cooked to my liking. The overall burger was delicious and the fries on the side salted lightly and very good as well,” said Iyoub Sahin, student at Thomas Edison.

After all is done and stomachs have no more room to spare, there’s things near The Sugar Factory you can try out! You can burn all those calories by taking a walk on the High Line, a 1.45 mile park all built up on a railroad, where a nice walk is all you need and some good company.

If the weather is just too chilly for you,  the Whitney Museum of American Art is also nearby.

But what is the best part of The Sugar Factory? “I would say the people I work with, I’ve been here for four years and we’re all like family. I do enjoy the atmosphere here,” said Gladys Walker.

Bhavna Roopchand

Hey! My name is Bhavna, and I write for the food section here at The Edison Light. Writing about food means somewhere you and your friends can go to enjoy each other’s company. Being a senior can get really hectic so having a chance to sit down and enjoy good food would definitely be a rewarding experience. One of my favorite sayings is, “You never know till you try!” considering this includes trying out new things. I love reading in my spare time and hope to have an entire room filled with books when I’m older. I also enjoy playing the piano and drawing. I’m also part of the medical assisting shop and look forward to becoming a dental hygienist or a neo-natal nurse one day!