KFC Glazed Donut Chicken Sandwich

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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a worldwide famous American fast food chain known for their southern foods, especially their world famous Fried Chicken; KFC is in 136 countries globally. 

On Monday, February 24th, KFC released a new donut chicken sandwich for a limited time only. Exactly how it sounds, it’s simply a crispy chicken patty sandwiched between two warm glazed donuts. It is priced at $5.99 for the sandwich only and $7.99 as a combo meal. 

Now this isn’t the ideal chicken sandwich. The savory and sweet mixture has always been a thing, like dipping your french fries in ice cream or chicken & waffles. Since 2005, the donut and burger combo created by R&B singer Luther Vandross, also known as the “Luther Burger” has since been a very popular trend. 

How I really feel about the sandwich. First impressions, it was served in a box. I opened it and my eyes were immediately directed to the puddle of glaze surrounding the sandwich. It wasn’t very pleasing because it looked overly sweet. The chicken itself looked like normally fried chicken, so that was a plus for me. It was very messy and sticky picking it up because of how drenched it was with donut glaze. 

Into the first bite, all I tasted was donut. The chicken could have been more seasoned in order to balance both flavors of the donut and the chicken. Also, the chicken consisted of too much batter so it was mostly breadcrumbs rather than chicken. 

It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either. I feel as if the donut overpowered the flavor of the actual chicken. If you are a fan of the sweet & salty mix, then I would recommend trying it, however this sandwich is more of a one time try and go. It’s one of those sandwiches you buy to share on your social media page. 

I don’t think this sandwich should be a staple item on the menu due to it not being something people would want to frequently eat, compared to the basic fried chicken and sides. I think KFC had the right idea putting it out to the public only for a limited time, as it is no longer available on the menu. 

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