Iced Coffee Unplugged

Coffee, the only shot you need. Starting your morning with a sip of surprise gives a spark of energy throughout the day!

Coffee has become an essential for many young adults’ everyday lives. More specifically, iced coffee, which has gained an immense popularity over recent years. Why do people gravitate towards drinking iced coffee so much, you might ask! 

Although you might think the general reasoning behind drinking iced coffee is because of the favor or taste, in reality it is much more than that. Recently it seems that drinking iced coffee has become an addiction rather than just for enjoyment. 

To find out the real reasons why young teenagers and adults consume caffeine, I conducted a survey in my school. It seems that instead of coffee being harmful, it actually helps teenagers in many aspects. Whether it is to help them stay energized or to keep themselves active, it seems that iced coffee mostly has positive influences in their lives. 

The results of the survey have shown that students started drinking caffeine before the age of 14. “I started drinking coffee in 6th grade,”  Tahia Godhuli said. 

About 40.3% of people from the 253 people responded the same way. So you might be wondering, what might have caused them to drink. Is it because it is good or are there other reasons behind it? Majority of the survey responders have responded and said that coffee has really helped them.

“It will always be a part of my routine, and I do feel more tired if I was rushed out of the house without drinking coffee,” an Edison 9th grader said. 

For these teenagers coffee is not something that hinders their daily life, but enhances it. Without drinking iced coffee they are unable to stay awake or function and be able to do their work.

In a certain way coffee is helpful for these young teenagers. They have made drinking iced coffee part of their daily life and it helps them to be energized when they need it the most, either before school or after. The consumption of caffeine impacts these teeangers lives heavily, helping them with anxiety, stress, and concentration.

Many might be puzzled as to why these teenagers consume so much caffeine knowing how it can impact their bodies negatively. According to the survey, most teengagers tend to drink coffee 2-3 times a week, which can result in many risks for the body. 

Most are aware that their habit of consuming so much caffeine can cause serious dysfunction to the body such as high blood pressure, dizziness, and headache. At least 45% of people mentioned they consume coffee 4-5 times a week indicating they cannot concentrate nor get any work done without consuming coffee. 

Although they are aware of how it impacts their health negatively, they continue to consume large amounts of coffee in order to help them get through their daily lives keeping them stable.

Fortunately students have mentioned that rather than it being an addiction, they can easily take control of the amount of coffee they consume, whether that means giving up coffee for their health. 

Ultimately one shot of coffee can help hundreds of teenagers get through the day; whether that is by supplying energy, improving concentration, helping with anxiety, boosting your physical performance or simply brightening your mood.

Mahmuda Hossain

Hi, I’m Mahmuda Hossain. I am currently a senior at Thomas A. Edison CTE highschool. I am part of HOSA and I really like to be part of my community and help people. I am passionate about food. I think food is the essence of life.