A Feast at Queen’s Night Market

The Queen’s Night Market is the most summer anticipated event of the year. It’s from 4pm-12am every Saturday starting April 13th all the way to October 26 and is located in front of the New York Hall of Science. It’s a free entry but there is security at each end to do any bag checks. 

There are over 60+ vendors selling and representing food and items from many countries, all affordable and worth your gold coins. The vibes of the event are lively and harmonious. There is music, culture, an open field to sit on the tables or grass, and of course many food options to enjoy.

Picture Credit: Paola Diaz

Stall number 28 is named Chick’n Rotonda, a stall serving authentic Filipino street food such as skewers and Sisig. Their most popular item is the BBQ skewers in which you can get 2 for $5. With a variety of flavors of meats, you may mix and match your 2 options or get 2 of the same. The skewers are flavorful and well seasoned and prepared well despite the long lines of people waiting, however, the waiting time seemed to be no more than 5 minutes per person.

Matylda’s foods is stall number 33 and they are polish street food vendors. There is a couple working the stall. The husband takes the orders but he makes small talk and jokes with each of the customers, while his wife prepares the food. The most popular item is their polish pierogi, also known as polish dumplings. There are three flavors all including potato and you may mix and match three for $6. They’re savory and soft and served warmly.

There are many sweet desserts to help balance all the savory flavors but a definite favorite is from stall 50, TwisterCake a Romanian-Hungarian sweet treat. It is a cone shaped bread both hard and sweet and you may choose to top it off with vanilla or chocolate ice cream, or none at all. Nevertheless it will still be $6 however it goes amazing with ice cream, it looks like ice cream on a cone but tastes way better.

Each portion of food is small and savory or sweet, which makes it easy to try food from many stalls, but it’s worth the stomach ache the next day.

Paola Diaz

Hey!! My name is Paola Diaz. I love Starbucks and food so much! I chose to write for the food section of The Edison Light because of my adoration of food. I’m mostly intrigued by desserts and sweet foods but I am no picky eater. During my free time I’ll bother my parents for ingredients to try new coffee recipes. I also spend my time on the internet either watching crime analysis YouTube videos or watching anime. I hope to write articles that make people salivate while reading them and open themselves up to new yummy experiences! Make sure to always please your palate and have a wonderful day!