What To Expect When Going To See The Ball Drop In Times Square

The night of December 31st, the count down to the new year begins. This is a moment many anticipate and are willing to do anything to get a good view, despite the freezing temperatures. The entertainment, as well as the excitement of being surrounded by people who you are excited to start the New Year with, is what drives many people to make the effort to go see the ball drop in person. Yet many often do not realize that their expectations of what their experience will be like  may be different from their reality.

“I went to see the ball drop in 2017. I arrived at Times Square at about 11 AM, but that did not seem to be early enough. There were lines and lines of people waiting for the night to begin. Not only did I underestimate how early I should have arrived, I also hadn’t realized that many of the restaurants would require reservations and that the street food carts would be closed. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do about it, because if I left I would have lost my spot,” said Mohammed Rahoman a former student at Thomas A. Edison, who graduated in 2016.

Nevertheless, many who plan to see the ball drop in Times Square often do not realize how much planning it takes to have a successful night. Starting from how they plan on eating their meal for the day to having an idea of what time they should arrive to ensure that they have a good seat.

“For anyone planning to see the ball drop there are three things I would strongly advise. For  instance, try not to drink too much water because there are no portable bathrooms. Another very    important reminder, dress very warm. New Year’s Eve is a day that is often remembered for its freezing temperatures. Lastly, I would recommend that you take public transportation to get to Times Square. Not only are many streets blocked off but the traffic is absolutely insane,” said Rahoman.

“Upon entry, every person had to pass through security. There were many things that was not permitted, such as alcohol and large bags. Although it was a bit frustrating waiting for everyone to get searched, I knew that it was for our well-being. Once I passed through security and found  a good spot for myself, I looked around and saw that there was armed police officers surrounding the entire area,” said Easha Ahmed, a senior at Thomas A. Edison.

For anyone that fears for their safety due to past traumatic events, the New York State police department has taken many precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

Nonetheless, the New Years Eve ball drop is a very exciting night, however your night many not go as planned if you do not plan accordingly. Although this year it was not nearly as cold as it has been in the past, New Year’s Eve turned out to be a very gloomy and rainy day. The artists still performed, however it was definitely a very uncomfortable wait for all those who showed up in Times Square.

Anisa Rashid

Hi my name is Anisa Rashid and I chose to write in the opinions section because I firmly believe that our voices matter. As a writer in the opinions section I hope to be able to express my views on the many events that occur in our society. From political conflicts to changes in our school, my section will cover it all.