Thomas Edison SHEros

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Thomas Edison decided to celebrate our own outstanding females. In our shop classes, there are a couple who are mainly male dominant, for example, automotive, autobody, robotics, and electrical. Those are all occupations that you would stereotypically be thought of as a man’s job.

Cindy Ronquillo working on a client's car in the automotive shop.

Cindy Ronquillo working on a client’s car in the automotive shop.

These girls that were featured on Edison’s Twitter are seniors who challenged their shop’s status quo. They earned all their required certifications and experience just like the boys in their shop class. The SHEros work with real clients to hand over exceptional work to reflect their knowledge.

When Cindy Ronquillo, a senior in automotive, was asked why she joined the automotive shop class she said, “The reason I joined this shop class is because I’m someone that’s very independent and I really didn’t want to depend on anybody if I get stuck on the road or get scammed while going to a mechanic shop. So, just learning more about cars even though I didn’t know much going into the shop class I learned a lot and it’s really going to help me and benefit me in the future.”

Nahomi Vindell

Hey! My name is Nahomi Vindell, and I write for the General News section of The Edison Light. I am in the Digital Photography shop class and love watching/ playing baseball. I am also on Edison’s softball team. I enjoy being aware of all political news and staying up to date with the latest Hollywood gossip.