Frizz Under Control!

Today’s beauty war, we’re tackling one of summer’s biggest hair disaster, frizz! No one wants to have super frizzy hair. It’s something that some of us are more prone to than others.  Usually hair starts to frizz when it is dry, regardless of how much humidity is out there. There are a few things that you can do to de-frizz.

One thing to consider is keeping the heat down on your styling tools. Another thing to consider is to wash your hair less often. If you have naturally oily hair, use a dry shampoo.

Renewing argan oil of morocco is a shampoo to help de-frizz.

Renewing argan oil of morocco is a shampoo to help de-frizz.

It is important to keep your heat down on your blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons because high heat creates dullness and breakage. Keeping your styling tools to around 365 degrees Fahrenheit will decrease your risk of your hair cuticles to swell. You should use a heat protectant product, such as a serum or lotion to protect your hair from the damaging heat. Heat protectant products provide nutrients, such as keratin protein to your hair that will help protect damage of the consistent use of styling tools in the long run.

Anita Persaud, hairstylist from Hair Central Salon, said, “ L’Oreal EverSleek sulfate-free smoothing system deep conditioner contains olive oil and sunflower seed oils to smooth strands and tame frizz. In my opinion it is even better to purchase ceramic or ionic technology styling tools.”

It is important to wash your hair less often to decrease the chances of walking around with frizzy hair.  Washing your hair frequently is bad because it cleans the natural oils. It is advisable to wash your hair no more than two times a week to keep the natural oils in your hair. Natural oils are beneficial because it keeps your hair looking shinier and healthier! Avoiding frequently washing your hair also makes its texture softer.

Dry shampoo provides an amazing texture.  If your hair is greasy, dry shampoo will soak the grease up. Therefore, your hair can be dirty but looks clean. It gives your hair a boost in volume and keeps it in place. It is a good idea to avoid shampoos with sulfate because it keeps your hair brittle. Instead, purchase shampoos with glycerin because it provides moisture.

Organic coconut oil helps make your hair healthier and also de-frizz your hair.

Organic coconut oil helps make your hair healthier and also de-frizz your hair.

Graciela Casco, a customer at Hair Central Salon said, “ I usually use coconut oil in hot oil treatments. Coconut oil is a fatty acid with a low molecular weight, so it easily penetrates the hair shaft and keeps my hair hydrated. I recommend others to use alcohol free styling products when curling or straightening their hair. Also, you can mix an oil such as argan oil with water and spray it to your hair after it is washed.”

The most important is keeping your hair hydrated. So if you’re fighting the frizz, be sure to use an intensive hydrating treatment! Sometimes all strands of hair that frizzed won’t go away, but these tips will minimize it. You will have to, at some point, just become comfortable with a bit of frizz from time to time.  It’s all natural, and its all you!

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