As One Chapter Closes, a New One Begins.

In an effort to commemorate the graduating class of 2024, a few seniors captured their most memorable experiences, exploring moments of pride, challenges overcome, meaningful friendships, and impactful events during the seniors’ high school journey. 

Everyone in high school has distinct experiences, such as receiving a bad grade, winning an award, or developing relationships with teachers and classmates either good or bad. Some people will look back on their school years with pride, while others will reminisce about their most embarrassing moments. Whatever the case may be, high school altered everyone in some way; we have become mature, made mistakes and learnt from them, and obtained experiences that will ideally lead to a successful college career. 

Ricky Chen, a senior in the Medical Assisting shop class, shares his most memorable high school experience.

“A high school memory that I will never forget is the spring leadership conference for HOSA. The spring leadership conference was one of the most memorable and enjoyable times of my high school years. Throughout the conference, I was able to spend time surrounded by my friends while having so much fun running around and competing to win first place” Chen said. “As this was an overnight trip, I was able to share a room with my friends and grow even closer. We stayed up all night until 4 am talking with one another and getting to know each other deeper. However, what topped it off the most was the fact that my friends and I were able to get first place in the competition. Seeing our work pay off and being given that gold medal was one of the best experiences.”

Senior Hamida Tania, in the Web Development shop, also shared her most memorable experience with her friends that she would never forget. 

“One of my favorite memories is when I was going home one day with my friends, we saw a show being filmed. It was really cool cause we never seen anything like that before and I remember sneaking around so we don’t get caught,” Tania said.

While some seniors, have some embarrassing memories that may not be as cool as watching a behind the scenes of a show, but they are worth mentioning. Senior Simranjir Kaur shares her most embarrassing memory from high school.

“A memory I’ll never forget is when I had to present my yoga presentation to the gym classes. It was so bad, I cringe every time I think about it,” Kaur said.

Many other students laugh at memories they made during high school, such as Senior Kashfi, sharing his moments during gym class where he laughed every day. 

“I enjoyed the moments during gym where I would laugh a lot and play spy with my gym friends. We all loved making fun of each other and spilling tea,” Kashfi said.

Alourdes Niclas shares a tragic moment during her high school years that she won’t forget. A memory that will definitely stick with all students that had to hear that.

“A memory I won’t forget is when the principal came in to talk about my teacher’s death. I expected him to come back from his medical leave and continue teaching. So, it was very shocking and devastating when I received the news,” Niclas said.

Being in high school comes with regrets as well, thinking constantly about the moments where you could’ve done something differently to make the experience even better. Chen shares something he would’ve changed if he could redo high school.

“If I had the chance to turn back time and redo my high school career, I would try to put myself out there more.  I would like to have been more adventurous and actively talk and make friends with people, no matter how small our interaction may be, “ Chen said. “To go to school events and meet new people, even if the events in general were not good. Just being out there and taking a chance, instead of missing the what if.”

This trend of putting yourself out there more and interacting more was seen in many seniors. Kaur also shared a similar regret, that she would’ve wanted to put herself out there in the community more.

“One thing I would change in my high school career if I could go back in time is to be more social. I feel like I missed out on a lot of opportunities and I could’ve met so many new people,” Kaur said.

Being at Edison meant everyone was enrolled in a CTE course, while some students loved their shop class, others not so much. Kashfi Jaman shared his regret regarding the CTE course he was enrolled in.

“I am currently enrolled in automotive, but I wish I could’ve done IT instead,” Jaman said.

Niclas’s biggest regret was not connecting with her teachers as much as she could’ve, and the drawback of those regrets.

“ If I could go back in time, I would change how outgoing I am. I regret building stronger relationships with my teachers. The lack of relationships has caused me to feel awkward when asking for letters of recommendation, so I just avoid those situations. I also regret not being closer to the people in my shop class. I feel like I started becoming friends with them way too late,” Niclas said.

As the seniors of 2024 reflect on their high school journey, they embrace memories of triumphs, embarrassing moments, and regrets, each shaping them into the individuals they’ve become, ready to embark on the next chapter of their lives.

“We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.”

Rida Batool

Hey there! My name is Rida Batool and I attend Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. I love anime, but nothing can beat One Piece. I enjoy talking, I’m loud and blunt at times, but it’s because I’m always excited about everything. I enjoy writing, despite the fact that I’m not particularly good at it. I am particularly opinionated, which is why I chose this section. My career goal is becoming a neurosurgeon, but before that I would like to pursue nursing.