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Football going to London?

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Starting from the 2007 season, the NFL has began playing football games at Wembley stadium in London. The series; which consists of three games per season, has become known as the international series. The series intends to expand  the popularity of the NFL to the united Kingdom and can possibly result in a team relocating […]

When in doubt, skate it out!

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Skateistan is a non-profit organization using skateboarding as a tool for empowerment to help young girls overcome the ban on young girls riding bicycles. Their main focus is to provide girls in Afghanistan with skateboards for they cannot ride bicycles. Once children latch onto skate, much more is possible: education, community and leadership. Many who […]

Top 5 NBA games of the 2015-2016 season

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“I love this game” is displayed at American Airlines Arena. Photo Credit: Daniel U

The NBA is quite a popular sport in the United states, so it isn’t quite surprising when the NBA finals averaged 20 million viewers last season. The NBA season consists of 82 games, so chances are you wont be able to watch most of them, however there are a few games you shouldn’t miss no […]

Music May Affect the Way You Play in Sports!

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Screen shot 2015-10-22 at 10.07.23 AM

Those of us, who engage in a sport in-and-outside of the school curriculum, know the feeling and moment when you’re in the dressing room right before a big game. Most of us will feel nervous and other’s pretty excited, but the true fact is that right before a game whether it is soccer, basketball, or […]

The Fitness Room Reno-“Weights”

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Due to the expansion, machines are now properly spaced with additional room in front to do calisthenics and such.

The school fitness room on the ground floor took a turn for the better during this summer with its new expansion, which included newer equipment and additional space by knocking down the wall left of the fitness room. The expansion of the new fitness room was one of the many projects that were being done […]

Why The Fitness Class?

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Edison’s physical education classes consist of a wide variety of class choices including polar bear, mixed sports, extreme aerobics, dance and fitness. Over the years, there has been a question as to why some students have been requesting to take the Fitness class over the other choices available. One would never find an empty fitness […]

Parkour? What is that?

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Jeremy Gallant showing off his wall jumping skills in his Assassins Creed attire! Talk about self-expression!

Parkour is a discipline in which a person may use his or her body to maneuver obstacles to reach a destination in the fastest time. Many, who want to learn parkour, are torn between the risks involved. However, what many don’t realize is with the right preparation, parkour has zero risks in injury or failure! […]