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Tis the season of streaks

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One team started the season with a franchise record 14 game win streak, while the other shattered an NBAA record with the best start to a season ever. One team wasn’t even expected to make the playoffs this season while the other team is a defending champ. No matter what the circumstances were, both teams […]

Helmets: More Harm than Good

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Players with helmets and padding's throw themselves in ways they wouldn't have without the protection. 

Photo Credit: The Guardian

With their helmets and padding’s, American football players always look like they are ready for anything that can be thrown at them. And they certainly have better armour than their counterpart-rugby players around the world especially in the Britain and Ireland. But despite their impressively warrior-like appearances, how is it that football player’s accumulate more injuries compared to rugby players? […]

Out With the Old in with the New

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FIFA former President Sep Blatter  

Photo Credit: The Washington Times

It is a new year and there would be dramatic changes for many elected officials in Federation International de Football Association, also known as FIFA. It has been a long reign for former FIFA President Sepp Blatter, after he had announced for his resignation back on June 2, 2015. His 17 years reign as the President of […]

What to expect if you’re new to the Locker Room?

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Everyone in high school is subject to experience the locker room some time in their life. Many consider a high school locker room one of the rights of passage to growing up. If you’re able to get through surviving and adapting to the ways of the locker room, you’ll be taking a tremendous step up […]

Real Madrid Disqualified From the Copa Del Ray

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Logo of the Real Madrid
Photo Credit: Real Madrid

The team that calls itself the best in the world has gotten themselves entangled in an ordeal that only amateur clubs are used to dealing with. The Spanish giant, Real Madrid, have egregiously been eliminated from the Spanish Copa del Ray due to mistakenly playing an ineligible player. In the Copa Del Rey game against […]

Organic Protein VS Non-Organic Protein

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Organic Jarrow Protein

Do you work out in a gym or in your home on a regular basis? Have you ever looked into using protein powders and shakes? For the past few years, there have been many protein brands that have been sold to motivated athletes and bodybuilders. Most of the top protein powder brands such as Gold […]

Can you MLB-elieve It?

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Person holding a baseball bat in the proper batting stance

Barry Bonds is joining the staff of new Marlins manager Don Mattingly as hitting coach. The hitting coach is the busiest person on a baseball team. If you see him in the pregame hours, he is almost always scurrying somewhere. Whether it be bouncing over to the video room to study swings on a laptop, […]

Was the battle for New York the biggest game of the year for both the Jets and Giants?

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Metlife stadium, the home of the Giants and Jets.

On December sixth The New York Giants lost to the New York Jets for the first time in 22 years (5 matches ago).  It was the Giants fifth loss of the season while holding a lead with two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Tough loss, but the question that many fans are asking is […]

DraftKings and FanDuel: Internet Betting on Sports

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Logo of internet gambling site DraftKing.

Photo Credit: courtesy of Draftking

        It is impossible to watch a sports event these days without being inundated with advertisements for the cousin fantasy sports companies DraftKings and FanDuel. As many would agree on Sunday Night Football during commercial airings you were probably flooded with advertisements for DraftKings and FanDuel. According to Drake Baer, an editor […]

Preventative Measures for Knee Injury

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Ayman Azad's little sister checking to see if her big brother's knee is alright after he suffered from an ACL knee injury.

Photo Credit: Ayman Azad

As most of you might have heard, Lionel Messi, one of the world’s greatest soccer players, has sustained a left knee injury.  In Barcelona’s La Liga seasons match, Messi had suffered from a MCL knee injury and doctors said he will be bed rested for two-three months. In addition to his injury Messi will sit […]