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Great Reasons to Hydrated

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As the warm weather is approaching, there are many events that we need to look good for,such as prom, graduation, summer vacation, you name it. It’s time to adapt a new and healthy lifestyle, and one way we can start

Food From Mud or Blood?

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When the topic vegetarianism or veganism is brought up in a conversation it is safe to say many heads turn and opposition is frequently strong and plentiful. This is a result of the fact that many individuals can’t stand the …

Motivate and Hydrate

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   As prom season quickly approaches, all those going are thinking about their hair, the right dress/suit, perfect makeup, and most of all, their prom skin! Whether it’s prom or any other event, the answer is water! Drinking more water comes


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The Sugar Factory is every little kids dream; a family-friendly environment with a colorful and enticing atmosphere elaborately decorated with marble tables, pretty chandeliers, and black chairs. From burgers, shakes and all the way to crepes, The Sugar Factory’s menu …

A Good Breakfast Over Junk Food

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Most people eat junk food for breakfast, although it is unhealthy and causes harm to their bodies. Some people do not realize the benefits of having a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Running late because you hit snooze one too

The Spanish – Indi Twist

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As migrants moved to New York City from all over the world, they have left their legacy through signature dishes. In a small, yet hip Manhattan eatery, Taco Mahal,  owners have implemented the most loved Mexican comfort food known as …

Home Cooking Underestimated

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Teenagers are spending more money each week because they don’t want to eat the food that is served at home; they should learn to cook healthy meals on their own. Many of us underestimate the benefits of home cooking and …

Better than Schoolie

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Ringgggg it’s finally your lunch period and you can hardly wait to see what they have in the cafeteria this time! Or can you? If you’re like the many students that would rather skip a meal in school than eat

NYC Landmarks: A Hunt To Satisfy The Sweet Tooth

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There comes a time in every school year when students need to relax and reward themselves for their hard work. With that being said, there’s no better way to unwind than with an eating utensil and a flaky, crispy, creamy,

That’s Some Bangin’ Dish

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It’s a cold winter day and you decide to meet up with your friends to eat at a Thai restaurant.

Take a trip to Thailand. Well, take a trip to Forest Hills. Bangkok Cuisine is located between Queens Boulevard and …