Pretty Little Liars Has A, Gossip Girl has Gossip Girl, and Edison has taehs2024… Our Mystery Characters Have Yet to Be Unmasked 

The process of college decision news has changed drastically within the past few years. The thrill of figuring out where people are spending their next 4 years is a common thing for seniors, but this investment has grown to a new level as schools now have senior commitment pages on Instagram. Usually run by students, these accounts allow seniors from their school to submit a photo of themselves along with the college they are attending and their majors. Edison has definitely spiced it up with the owners secret identities and specific messages in captions.

“More people are able to talk to us and it’s easier to reach out to others since we are anonymous. It’s just more efficient to run the account when we remain private,” said owner Night Bear.

Edison’s commitment page has over 100 posts and almost 400 followers, but nobody knows who runs the account itself. The two owners use the code names Snowy Penguin and Night Bear instead of their real names. This is definitely a great way to keep people entertained and following up with the page. 

“It’s also funny staying mysterious now since so many people ended up being curious. We’ve gotten so deep into it that it feels a little weird to give away our identities now,” Night Bear added. 

Starting with very general captions since December, the page did not draw much attention from seniors. As they began to post more, they became a lot more smart with what they were writing. After that, the page kicked off and the senior class has stepped into detective mode, trying to discover who the owners are. Many suspect that it is specifically the Model UN class, since a lot of details point to them.

“For a while I thought it was someone in MUN but after discussing it with a bunch of other MUN kids I can definitely tell it’s nobody in our class so I honestly have no clue who it is anymore,” said senior in MUN, Rezeea Alam.

Snowy Penguin and Night Bear have stumped everyone with who they could be and how they could possibly know so much about people, while nobody knows anything about them. 

“I think it’s weird but not in a bad way. It’s definitely interesting to see how they know things about me especially when I have shop the first two periods of my day which I dont think everyone knows,” said senior Maha Nuha. 

The hilarious duo continues to trick everyone as they call out different people in their stories and pretend to be them. 

“My favorite theory and lead is everyone thinking it’s me. It’s definitely not but so many people think it is only because the clues point out for me to be framed…which I find pretty hilarious,” said Alam. 

Despite the account being a college decision account like every other school has, ours has taken it to another level of excitement. 

“We first started the account out of pure fun and the mystery came after the MUN students attempted to find our identities, since then we’ve enjoyed leaving clues such as in our captions or responding to people in our texts and watch people speculate,” said owner Snowy Penguin.

After all the MUN kids had seen oddly specific MUN related jokes in the captions under their posts, and the ‘q&a’ highlight calling many of the students out for “running the page,” they really stepped up their detective work. They created an entire chart during their class time to narrow down owner “suspects.” They put together every detail they could find such as generic captions, people who had longer ones, specific majors, etc.

Unfortunately, the hints are not as simple as everyone may think. Night Bear explained that captions are “based on either their major, something we heard about them, something we know about them,” and their own little jokes. They even get details from people’s friends, opposed to the claim that they directly know the people.

Although the excitement of determining who owns the account has been going on for weeks, there is a chance that we may never know. 

“I would want to after graduation but I don’t think I will, maybe I’ll tell a few friends but not going to reveal it since we dug ourselves so deep trying to stay hidden it feels embarrassing to reveal who we are now,” said Night Bear. 

Everyone hopes to see a reveal after graduation, especially after all of the anticipation along with the owners accusing other people. Even I have been called out by the commitment page.. including during their interview. This mystery needs to be solved immediately. 

“Mahirah, we run this account together… why are you talking to yourself?” – our very own Gossip Girl.

Mahirah Rahman

Hi! My name is Mahirah Rahman, and I write for the General News section here at Edison Light. I enjoy writing, especially when it comes to a flexible range of topics which is why this section is perfect for me! Other than that, I enjoy baking, making jewelry, scrapbooking, and I’m always looking to try something new or explore places I’ve never been to. That being said, I can’t wait to explore the news with you all!