Movie Review – Captain America: Civil War Dominates

The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are among the most popular movie series of all time. In recent years, sequels to The Avengers have attracted tons of viewers all over the world. The latest installment, Captain America: Civil War was released to theaters on May 6th, 2016. Being one of and if not the largest film in the series, the plot is something brand new to Marvel’s beloved movies. In Civil War, the United Nations gets involved in The Avengers’ system of work and while heroes like Iron Man agree to their protective proposition, Captain America and other Avengers are strongly against regulation by the government. The disagreement between the two figures ends up evolving into what could be the end of the Avengers. As Marvel’s most dramatic film yet, it’s relieving to know that the film played out really well.

Captain America: Civil War is out now. Photo credit: Marvel Studios

Captain America: Civil War is out now.
Photo credit: Marvel Studios

Fans like senior Zahir Abrahim pay close attention to the movies in the series. “Honestly, it was really good.” Abrahim said. “Spiderman and Black Panther were amazing, I’m excited to see what they’ll be doing in the movies after this one.” Referring to the new characters in the movie. I think that many fans would agree with him and also say that the film managed a large number of characters really well, with directors making sure to give each figure representation throughout the movie.
When asked what could’ve been better, Christian Singh said “Nothing. I couldn’t find one flaw and I really want to go see it again.” You can’t blame him, because it’s clear that this movie is part of the upper tier of Marvel films so far. It shouldn’t be shocking if anyone considered it to be their favorite, as the plot of the movie and the clever treatment of the characters really cater to fans all over. This movie is definitely a must-see no matter if you’re just a casual fan or fully committed to the franchise. Captain America: Civil War is a great start to Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and will leave you excited for what’s to come.